Saturday, July 4, 2009

Days Are Flying By!

I can't believe so many days have flown by! I've been getting lots accomplished- lots of fun & a little work too.Here are some of the highlights:

- Amber's un-birthday party at Postino's new location
- Breakfast with Deb turned into an all day adventure of craft shopping and project making
- I made 105 buttons for the Craft Swap with Jamie- too fun!

- Baby shower planning & crafting with Ayesha
- I have been hand embroidering and using my sewing machine every day since I got it

- Breakfast with Buffy & Family
- The discovery of Jujuberri! A build your own frozen yogurt sundae place (75th/Bell near Old Navy. If you live close go now!)
- Birthday dinner with Dad
- I joined the gym to do water aerobics classes. (I think they are trying to kill me-in a good way)

Too much fun!

1 comment:

Kelly Kilmer said...

Yay for summer days and crazy business!!
It all sounds so good!!