Sunday, July 5, 2009


I spent most of the day yesterday bring some of my jewelery dreams to life. :) In order of my excitement I made....

More flower rings. (Mom & Buffy NEEDED a silver one)

These super cool bracelets from some vintage jewelery pieces I bought in CA. (Good call mom on the flower in the center of bracelet #1.)

An asymmetrical necklace using another vintage jewelery piece that I filled up with watch gears and resin.

And...A Big Ooky Octopus necklace! (He is really called a Big Ooky Octopus. I ordered him at B'sue Boutique. If you make jewelery you should take a look around here they have gorgeous pieces. Yes, Sarah I am talking to you.)

I also went on a very long shopping trip with my mom to Joanne on a fabric hunt. Just wait until you see what I'm working on today!


Jamie said...

Wow, Jeane!!! It's all soooo beautiful!!! You're on a roll!!! Looks like you're having fun! It's all so awesome!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

AH Jewelry love!!!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
After all the time we spent talking textiles and shopping yesterday, I am shocked you got all that done. Way to go. I know it is even more beautiful in real life.

Sara Crawford said...

Love it!