Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Yes I Did!

I always wanted a real sewing machine case. (I know this is dorky but you are used to getting that here.) My hand-me-down sewing machine lived in a blue crate and every time I needed to take it somewhere I'd lug around the crate and wish it was a case instead.

Well, Kelly passed along a sewing machine to me IN A CASE! I couldn't figure out the machine but the case is a whole new story. :) Now you can't have a super cool sewing machine with a vinyl cling skull with out having a matching case!

(Thanks Mom for spending forever looking at vinyl clings in Joann with me to make this important decision!)

I also made two wrap skirts for under $5 yesterday! I bought this super cool fabric last summer in the fashion district dirt cheep for $2. I bought a roll of gunmetal silver ribbon for $2 and change and voila! (Doesn't it look great with the octopus necklace from a few days ago?)

I showed Deb the skirt & she loved it too! (Deb and I have a history of buying the same skirts when we are not shopping together once it was 3 in one weekend!) We figured a wrap skirt is perfect skirt if you are pregnant. It will fit now and later. The best part of this project was teaching myself to make button holes. Who knew it could be so easy & fun too!

I got in flowers that I ordered from Hong Kong so I made a few necklaces and a few rings too! (Buffy I'm on my way! :)

I love summer but desperately need to unart my house. Ha! The bed room is the only room without a project in it right now and that's only because I have to clean it up before we could go to sleep.


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Jeane's mom said...
YOu look like a princess in that skirt. Could it have anything to do with the item above your head in teh photo that looks like a crown? No, no, it is the skirt.And now I can cross one thing off my evergrowing to to list which was to make you the skirt I promised out of that material. xoheartPPPPPPPP! MH

miss sumbal said...

You are insane. You know that, right? Techno music plays in the background...