Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So Buffy managed to pull Jim out of his two year bowling retirement to bowl on her team in her school districts bowling tournament this past weekend. It was cute. I'm sure bowling shouldn't be described as cute but how could you not find this cute? Jim borrowed the cape from the girls bowling in the lane next to them dressed in costume. :)

And this after strike dance was almost to much to handle!

I've been busy working on top secret projects because well, tis' the season! I can reveal this cute one though as it was unveiled last night! I love advent calendars, it was a discovery in life about 8 years ago, anyway I digress...I made a 5 day "advent calendar" for Jim for our 5th anniversary which is on Saturday. I changed out my inspiration line above my desk to all be pictures of us and hearts and flowers too! He didn't even notice me changing everything of course! (And that's kinda the best part!)


Jamie said...

He still hasn't noticed it??? too funny! Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have a great weekend with your love!!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

This post is just soooo cute and sooo filled with love!! What cute pictures!!!
We feel the love-lol!!

LOVE the cape.

Awesome idea on the advent calendar!!!

Jeane Frizzell said...

No, I made him notice it. LOL. I new he would need a little help. :)

miss sumbal said...

This post makes your rainbow shine a bit brighter. ;-)

jessica en fuego said...

jeane, i love the little calendar! i have a little clothesline inspiration set-up also!! i might have to try the calendar thing with it.

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Happy Anniversary, My Sweets! I am so happy you are still so in love like the day you said, "I do."