Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yay Veteran's Day!

I am so happy to have a day off to catch up on things! So far I have cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, changed the light bulbs in the ceiling fans that are up way high, (I know this does not sound exciting but I am thrilled!) figured out the perfect coffee combination for me, and done a little journaling as well.

I have big plans to update the school blog with the state fair winners to post tomorrow, ice cream with Kakes and Baby Q and I need to get started on a Christmas list that everyone has been asking for. :) I also want to head on over to Hannah Grey and see whats new! I love today.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Yay to days off!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

oops meant to write yay for days off!!! yay to making stuff and gettin' stuff done!