Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Hit The Halloween Lottery!

Jim usually works 12 hours on the 31st of each month so I joke that I miss all the good holidays (Halloween, New Years and my birthday. :) If the 31 falls on a Saturday he works late on Friday instead so this year I won the Halloween lottery and it was actually the first Halloween that we were actually together!

After spooky dinner/lunch Ayesha went for a pedicure. When I got home Jim was ready to get out of the house so asked if I wanted to go to bet the dogs. Last year I got exactly 5 trick or treaters and it was 6 and we couldn't see one kid out in our part of the neighborhood so we headed out. I picked my dogs and won $71 on the first race! I was thrilled the Halloween lottery struck twice in one day!

Still more journal pages!

P.S. Happy Dia De los Muertos!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

WTG Jeane!! Those are great lottery prizes!!!!!! Love the pages.