Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Exceptional Artist

I had the great pleasure of working with an exceptional artist today! It was my niece Keegan! (Formerly known as Baby Kakes and then just Kakes when her little sister came along. I now have permission just to call her Keegan from Buffy.)

My mom was watching the girls so I called up to ask if I could come play. Usually when I arrive the girls meet me at the door but today I could hear Keegan calling my name excitedly from the kitchen when I walked in she was already wearing her artist apron that my mom made for her and she immediately said, "Nene can we paint today?" My mom had told her I was coming to do a project and they had already taken all of the art supplies out of the closet.

(It is important to note that Keegan can say Jeane but I think because she calls my mom Nona she thinks that Nene is like my cutsy name for Auntie. I like Nene. :)

I had planned to read the book Elmer by David McKee and make handprint elephants.

We were having so much fun that when we were done with that little project we kept painting. Keegan titled this one The Storm. (She's a genius what can I say.)

And this one is Tinkerbell's House. (More in line for a three year old. :)


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
The masterpiece maker likes seeing her work on your blog! I pointed to her multi-colored elephant and asked who it was. She is still calling him Marlin. When I asked her for her comment by asking, "Is there anything you want to say to Nene about putting your work on her blog?" she immediately replied "I love you." So there you have it. She loves her private art teacher. Thanks from both of us for the homeschooling! We can't wait for next time!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Artistic Talent runs through your family like wildfire! LOVE IT!