Sunday, July 11, 2010


The last thing I should be doing is searching skull cameo on Etsy! I thought I would see if I could find the seller but I think it will be safer just to wait and ask Deb. LOL! (Do it I dare you! It might be sfer for you than for me.)

Speaking of Etsy I have to tell you about two sellers that I recently bought from that are really cool! The first one is Skull And Crossbuns. I noticed these cute little mustache stamps on one of the daily emails from etsy.

When I went to check them out I also loved these trees.

These stamps are so cute in person and I have no idea how she is carving so many yummy stamps!

The second shop is Mommies Ink. If you are looking for invitations of any kind I would totally recommend checking out this shop! Jen, the shop owner, is amazingly fast and has great comunication! I also think her prices are amazing! Now, I can't show you exactly what I bought because it is still top secret but here is one of her yummy designs!

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Nancie Kay said...

Thought of you yesterday - Michael's at Metro had a skull & bones punch out tool on clearance...wondered if you already had one!