Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer of Obsessing

Apparently this summer my theme is obsessing over things. First it was the Showtime TV serries Dexter. I seriously watched the first episode of this series the week before school was out and did next to nothing until I was finished watching all 48 hours of seasons 1-4. Now, I never thought that I would find myself rooting for a serial killer but I never thought I'd read vampire books and somehow Twilight snuck up on me too. I am seriously thinking about adding Showtime to my cable package so that I can watch season 5 with the rest of the world! You should totally check Dexter out but only after you have put the kids to bed. I guess that probably is true for any show on Showtime though. LOL!

My next obsession, again a little surprising, is The Spiderwick Chronicles. One of my co-workers recommended I read these books over a year ago. (Yes, I only read fiction books from the childrens section. I'm a teacher, does that count? Adult non-fiction is so much more interesting.) I was at the used book store on Tuesday and noticed them in the young adult section and decided to pick up the first book. I just finished reading the 5th and final book in the series and learned that it was made into a movie. Guess what's next on my Netflix list?

Finally, I have been spending lots of fun time obsessing about planning the perfect wedding parties with Buffy and Krista but those are things I can not talk about here. 10-10-10 is just around the corner and Shannon is an investigator. (Can you hear my evil laugh?)


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Adult nonfiction and Juvenile fiction is not your fault. It is hereditary.

Where is the evidence from yesterday's creative time?


Kelly Kilmer said...

Yeah, ditto what Mom said!

Hey, you want an addiction??? You NEED to see The Wire. Hands down, one of my top favorite shows EVER. You'll thank me for it later.

Charlene said...

We are currently finishing up season 3 of Dexter and we LOVE it.