Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Size Fits Most

Yesterday I made what I am affectionately calling my one size fits most skirt.

I decided that I need to call it this morning when I tried it on again and realized just how generous I was when I cut the elastic. The elastic does stretch a little bit right at this moment and I am fairly sure I could loose 10 pounds and it would still fit without going in to make the elastic smaller, but I am also fairly sure I could gain at least 20 pounds and it would still fit, hence the name.

I discovered the fabric to make this skirt in the fashion district on our trip to California earlier this summer. I actually found it in the Michael Levine shop that sells fabric by the pound. I think I bought enough fabric to make two of these skirts plus about 3 yards of black lining material for something like $4! Outrageous right? I loved its texture and while a one size fits most skirt might not be the most form flattering, (Just think about adding extra fabric around your midsection.) I still think it is cute. LOL!


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
1.I can't wait to see it on.
2.Please don't tell me there are any scraps in the garbage!

Kelly Kilmer said...

That's adorable!!!!