Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday was an amazing and bittersweet day and although I usually limit my blog posts to topics that are rainbow and sunshiny this would be far to big not to mention.

Ayesha and I FINALLY got to take Jessica out for her birthday! Not that she was resisting just that we finally remembered to set a date. We went to 35th Ave. Sew & Vac. and out for lunch at Pedro's in downtown Glendale. Now if you have never been to 35th Ave Sew and Vac. it is hard to describe its fabulousness but if you love fabric as much as Jessica it is like your own personal paradise. All three of us found fabric we could not leave without. :) We had a great time!

Now if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you may have noticed that Deb, Ayesha, and I are often adventuring about together. We have been known to be a little inseparable. We found out a week ago that Deb will be moving to Texas before the end of the month and it has been a little difficult to say the least.

Deb had already planned to be out of state this weekend for a family function before she found out about the move and when she returns her fiance will be loading up the house to drive to Texas. We will still have a few days before Deb leaves but as you can imagine her schedule is crazy. Yesterday happened to be the last day that we could all get together to do Girl's Night Out in our traditional form. We also scooped up Amber because we like to bring her along from time to time and because we love her too. We went to Postino's and had a lovely dinner of yummy bruchetta, we shared a delicious salty caramel sundae (salty for the chocolate covered cornnuts and cute pretzel rod), and we even got to sit in the couch area by chance and that was fun too! For those of you that know us in real life you will be happy to hear their were minimal tears but only because we tried really hard at the end and we know we will see each other next week. :)

(Deb is sitting on my side just in case you didn't know)
I also want to add that I am happy that we now live in a time of Facebook, free long distance calls, and Skype and Ayesha and I are looking at this as a great opportunity for an art exchange that we will be starting as soon as Deb is settled in. :)

As I was dropping Deb off she said, "Hey, do you want your birthday present tonight?" I knew she had bought my gift weeks ago even though my birthday is not for months because she was so excited about it and like I'd say no. LOL! Check it out.

So me. It can be worn as a pin or pendant and I know she found it on etsy but am not sure of the seller. I can't wait for October so that it will be cool enough to wear it with a cardigan and I'm starting the search for the right chain too. Yay Deb!


Kelly Kilmer said...

I'm sorry that Deb's moving...I know how hard that can be. :(

You guys scored big time on fabric!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pendant/pin. :)

Charlene said...

LOVE the brooch! Jealous!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I guess maybe you did better than I did. This made me cry just reading it, even thought I knew what it was going to say. Because I know how much you love her, will miss her, and will have an empty spot that only she can fill.
Even though things happen for a reason that we sometimes have a hard time with (at least until we figure it out), there is also a reason for skype, iPhone4, and stuff like that, right?