Friday, October 12, 2007

Artistic Endevors

I love having a break from work when it can really be a break. Usually I schedule so many things in that even the fun lunches with friends become a chore just by sheer quantity. This break I have had time for lots of naps, lots of movies, and have gotten in a few art projects as well.

To start I finished my pages for my Dia de los Muertos chunky book swap. A chunky book is a tiny little collection of 4 x 4 pages from a variety of artists. That's where the swapping comes in. I mailed out 21 handmade pages that were exactly the same to the swap group leader along with return postage. In a few weeks I am expecting 21 pages to arrive in my mail box, one being mine and then 20 little surprises! Once they arrive I will be able to bind them any way I like. I can't wait to see this little masterpiece.

I also had time to make some miniature spooky greeting cards. It is always fun to do a project that leaves ultra fine glitter all over your clothes for the day.

So, are you wondering what could possibly be next? Today I will start making Fimo clay tiles for my Dia de los Muertos shrine. I found this great shelf and Art Unraveled at the Junkyard Queens booth. It was just begging me to turn it into something fabulous! I plan to mosaic it with handmade and store bought tiles. Here's the before.

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little miss ayesha said...

this is why it is a good thing i am out of town! friday night though... ;-)