Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lesson Planning With Jim

There is something about being off work for an extended period of time that tends to make you uninterested in going back. It is much more fun to sit around and do nothing than to actually have adult responsibilities. Anyway, while I was whining about needing to lesson plan this morning I told Jim, "You just do it for me." To my surprise he agreed so I played along, "Alright then what should kindergarten do?" I asked "Finger paining," he replied, "they like that." "And first grade?" "Stick figures." Between my laughing I said, "How about second grade?" Not sure how much longer he would really play along. "Clay ashtrays" he said. "Ashtrays, I laughed" "Yeah, really they are supposed to be bowls but they all just look like ashtrays instead." I fell on the bed laughing it's like he has really worked with kids and clay.


Tricia Anne said...

AH, leave it to our husbands to bring out a fresh perspective on teaching! All of these comments sound like something Kevin would have said!

Jane said...

Hysterical! MH