Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Baggie Swap

What's with all this junk? Well, my mom has been telling me to join some of the Yahoo groups and get going on some swaps for eons now. I finally got interested when she told me about this baggie swap. I loaded up four baggies each with the same four crafty item and sent them to Virginia. In a few weeks I will receive four new baggies each with completely different items in them. I will use the contents of each baggie plus what ever goodies I have lying around to create four different ATCs, again I will mail them to Virginia. A few weeks later the contents of my original baggies will return to me as ATCs. It will be so exciting to see how other artists interpreted my stuff.

I also signed up for an ATC swap with the theme of dieting. The group leader asked that we put a hole in the corner of each ATC so that they can be put on a ring and carried around as insperation for weight loss. How cute is that?


Jane said...

I'm Jeane's mom. Even though I have been telling her about Yahoo groups for maybe eons, she is definitely not eons behind in art or style. When she was living 2 hours away on a university campus, I used to write her all the time just so she would have a little extra cheer on "college" days, even though I also called regularly, and I would sign all of her mail XO,draw a heart,P. She knew the P meant I'm proud of you. Now I'm going Public with my being Proud of all that she is artwise and otherwise. Keep up the blogging, Jeane-Mitz, I love reading it every day.

little miss ayesha said...

This is really the most adorable blog comment that anyone could ever post! Jeane! Your cheesiness is rubbing off on me!