Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girls Night Out

Last night Amber, Deb, and I hosted Girls Night Out for our school. We ended up having 12 brave teachers from our school in their most formal gowns going to dinner at Buccca Di Beppo. With such a nice sized group we got to sit in the Pope Room, which was a very exciting opportunity. The Girls assigned me to the pope chair and I had no arguments as you can see by this photo. Amber, Deb, and I played it up big. Since we had this crazy idea, we started by getting out hair done. Of course we went to see Laurie for the best up doos ever. (Look how cute we are!) Amber and I even had time to get a pedicure before some of the girls got to her house to go to dinner. We had a great time at Bucca. Afterwards we cotinued the fun at Ambers house. We invited the guys and enjoyed Peter's Witches' Brew and Pumpkin Cakes from Deb and Ben. It was a great day all around.

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aCey said...

hi, jeane! looks like you had much fun during your night out. i see you have the video of the dancing inmates here. hehe. :) your blog is interesting!