Friday, January 4, 2008

Art Journal Pages in COLOR!

So the situation I have created is this: I have my original art journal with pages half done. You see I got so excited after taking Kelly Kilmers collage class a few months back that I was collage crazy but never really finished any of the pages. When I caught myself doing this I was starting to work in my Black & White Journal so now I am going back to face the challenge. I though this was going to be really tricky but so far things are just falling into place. When I woke up this morning I sat right down and couldn't stop myself from going on from page to page. I have already noticed that color is harder to photograph than black and white.
Also, when I got home from the dentist the other day I found a little bag of art supplies hanging on my front door. My mom had picked up some treasures for me. Today I tried out these Metallic Zig Writer, Oh Mama, these markers are divine! They look amazing on acrylic, are so smooth, and have the perfect tip. If you are busy writing on acrylic paint you should get your hands on these!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Groovy baby!!

Jane said...

I'm so glad you liked your little surprises. I'm so proud of the artist in you. XOheartP, MH