Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Girls Night Out

I realized yesterday the one thing I have been really terrible about recording on my blog are Ayesha, Deb, and my Tuesday Night Dates. Jim is out late bowling his Draft League of Tuesday so Ayesha, Deb, and I go adventuring on these nights. Before Ayesha Deb and I went to Stir Fry Paradise and Desert Swirl Frozen Yogurt every single time. (We love stir fry.) Ayesha broadened our horizons and challenged us to find cut little restaurants to try each week and this has proven to be amazing! Last night we tried 7th Heaven in The Esplanade. The food was so good! We discovered after we ordered that they have these amazing happy hour specials like a cheeseburger and fries, an order of edemame, or an order of shrimp cocktail for only $1.77. They even offer a cupcakes on the happy hour menu also only $1.77. Their desert case is amazing to oogle at so long story short, I wan to go back again!
Besides a great dinner and conversation after dinner we were walking past Cold Stone Creamery when I noticed Amare Stoudemire buying his daughter ice cream. I was star struck of course and called to the girls who were two steps ahead, "Hey, look how's in Cold Stone!" They came back to look and Ayesha said something to the effect of "Oh my gosh why can't I think of his name." When I blurted out "Shaquile O'Neil" Ayesha and Deb started laughing. After I said it I realized it wasn't Shaq but we were so excited about the whole thing. We must have stood there for two or three minutes before we realized we were staring and decided to move a little farther away from Cold Stone to stare. The best part was when Deb called Ben and said, "Guess who I just met, Girls who did I just meet?"
And as if the night couldn't get any better we went to Target before we went home. We all love Target but Ayesha found these silver stretch pants that she made Deb try on for our amusement. Deb said they made her feel like Rod Stewart which is a very good thing if you are Deb. It was the best night!
Shhh! Don't tell Deb tthis picture is on my Blog we'll see if she notices.


CresceNet said...
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feistyelizabeth said...

I'm a girl, why don't I get to go to Girls' night out??

You look HOT in those pants Rod-er-I mean DEB!

Baby Kakes said...

I'm a girl too, why don't *I* get to go to girls' night out?

Don't I have fantastic writing skills for an 8 month old?

little miss ayesha said...

The picture doesn't really do justice but man, I love it! Those stretchy sparkly leggings rock! SHAQ! :)

kfleener said...

I'm going to have to go look for those priceless silver leggings. Nothing like a pregnant lady in sparkle! :)