Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Living Canvas Part Deux

Last night for Girls Night Out Ayesha, Deb and I headed back to Living Canvas. I mentioned yesterday that their are few reasons to go to a tattoo parlor. Tattooing being one and piercing would be another. After five years I finally pierced my nose. Yes, it's a miracle. I finally worked up the courage to do it. I wasn't afraid of the pain, I was worried about the reaction to the piercing. For the record, it hurt less than my ears or my cartilage. Actually putting the ring in hurt worse than the piercing.
Deb did decide to get the last tattoo in her circle. This one was a swan fymbol or true love. Ah, we do love Ben!
I have a really fun picture of the three of us at the shop but it is not a photo that I would want my superintendent to see. He does not need to see Ayesha or Deb's back, clearly he can see my nose any time. No need to attract any further attention for teacher's gone wild in our district.
We ended the adventure with a tasty dinner at Pita Jungle in Tempe. Yumm!

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