Sunday, January 27, 2008

Classes With Kelly Part Two

Day two and three of classes with Kelly Kilmer were great! Yesterday I learned tons of new journaling techniques and got lots of inspiration to get going on my new journal in the morning and in the afternoon learned how to use Caran d'ache Neo Art Aquarelle water soluble wax pastels for backgrounds and accents. (Sound fancy doesn't it!)
For dinner Kelly, Tristan, her mom, Jane, my mom Jane, and I all got to go to dinner together at Bucca Di Beppo in Scottsdale. While the side show (a.k.a. the huge party next to us) was very Scottsdale (a.k.a. very young, drunk, and hardly dressed) the conversation, when we could hear each other, and the company was a lot of fun!
Today I took About Face. A fun portrait class. I learned to mix flesh tones and to be brave with color. It was a fun and laid back class perfect for the rainy day it turned out to be. We had fun ordering in Baja Fresh (Debbie, I owe you $) and day dreaming about the classes we wanted to sign up for at Art Unraveled.
Taking classes with Kelly is always a treat! Her classes are fun and fast paced. I always wonder where the time went. She is generous with supplies. She even donated collage materials to my kids at school! And, if that weren't enough, the classes are so inspiring they keep me going for weeks. I am excited to read all of my handouts, which are more like giant idea books, and play in my new journal. (And, this is why you should vote Kelly Kilmer for president! HA! It just sounded like that kind of speech. I couldn't resist.) Lucky for me she'll be at Art Unraveled in August and back to Frenzy Stamper in October.


Jeane's mom said...

Wow! The portraits are amazing! I love all of it, especially the house page. We did have fun at dinner! MH

feistyelizabeth said...

Your self portrait is incredible! Your phenomenal art talent never ceases to amaze me :)

Nancy Lynn said...

I love your portrait Jeane. It is incredible. Wish I could have done that class. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Nancy in Tucson

Kelly Kilmer said...


It was a ton of fun having you in classes (as ALWAYS!) You and your Mom ROCK! I *love* your art-you are an extremely talented and amazing artist!!!! Looking forward to seeing you again in August at AU! Maybe we can find time to chat ;)
LOVE the grunge book!!!! EEH! It is AWESOME!!!!!! (yes that is me squealing-TOO cool!!!)