Saturday, January 19, 2008

Emily Dickinson or Kelly Kilmer?

After looking at my mom's copy of In This House I decided I need a copy. I went with my 50% off coupon to JoAnn thinking they might have a copy and sure enough they had just one left. Feeling like I had just won the lottery I went up to the cash register and the girl checking me out said, "What is this Book?" I told her it was a book about altered art. After getting the confused look I went on to explain that several different artists had each made a book in the shape of a house and they were all shown in this one book. The girl started flipping through the pages and happened to stop on Kelly's page. I am not sure why but I continued the conversation saying, "That's one of my favorite artists." "Oh, Emily Dickinson." was the girls reply. EMILY DICKINSON??? I couldn't even correct her because I was in shock-no really.
I was talking to Ayesha as I was coming home and had to tell her the story to be sure it wasn't just me who thought this was ridiculous. We learned that Emily Dickinson died in 1889 and confirmed our belief that she was only a poet and not an artist. We were dying laughing and trying to find out if she even had red hair like Kelly when it hit us that she would have only been photographed in black and white. At least it was a good laugh! Do you see any resemblance between Kelly and Emily?
This sounds like something that would happen to Kelly when she was out shopping for books.

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Kelly Kilmer said...

LOL! The *weird* thing is-Emily Dickinson has been one of my most favorite poets since I was little.
Um, channeling Emily Dickinson? LOL
Dickinson was dark haired and petite. She never left her city of Amherst, MA. She was extremely reclusive. She also had a penchant for wearing white.