Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Container Store

How do I love thee...Let me count the ways!
If you know me you know my passion for organization! I even love reorganizing what seems to be organized, its just who I am. I had heard about The Container Store and was very interested but when I checked online last- sometime last summer- discovered that we did not have one in AZ. I was disappointed but resigned to the fact I'd just have to wait to check it out. Last weekend Kelly alerted me that AZ did have a store! (Why does someone who lives in CA have to give me this information???)

My mom and I went to check it out today! For two plus hours we wondered and marveled at the greatness that is plastic storage containers and dreamt of the greatness that our studios could be for a mere year's salary. (Hey , if your going to dream dream BIG!)

I did resist the urge to replace every single plastic storage container that I own so that they'd all match- at least for now but did find several things I could not live without.

Decorative tape, rhinestone stickers, packing labels, stapleless stapler, space bags, plastic bubble containers, oh my!

Why do I love to have a photoshoot of everything I purchase???

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