Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Shopping" At Mom's House

I've been having fun working in my Christmas memories journal but felt like I needed to go shopping for some "stuff" today. My mom was up for the adventure too but told me I should come look through her things first and then we would go to the scrapbook store. After I went "shopping" through her supplies we decided we should go to the bookstore instead!

I'm excited to add these things to my Christmas journal!

My mom also had the best tape storage idea ever! She bought us these pants hangers that she found at Ross to store all of our tape! Not only can you see all of the choices without sorting through bags and boxes but you can cut tape off without taking it off the holder! Go Mom!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh wow, can I go shopping at Mom's house? LOL

Is your Mom looking to adopt!??! ;) a 34 year old?

I LOVE the pant hanger idea. That is the best idea ever!!!!! EVER!!!!!!

Altered Artists said...

I am totally stealing that tape idea! Great one Jane and thanks for showing her idea.
love the journal too,

Altered Artists said...

I am stealing the tape idea too. Love that. I think even Martha would approve.