Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visiting Flastaff

Jim and I headed up to Flagstaff this weekend for our anniversary and a little needed R and R. We like to stay at Arizona Mountain Inn. It is a group of rustic cabins that are close enough to Flagstaff to go into town for supplies, food, and fun but still feel like you are miles away from everything.

We had a fun time playing cards, watching the fire, and just having lots of time to hang out together. Of course we did take a computer with us, we can never be too far from the internet :), and we went into town for a couple of hours on Saturday. Jim always humors me and takes me to the shops I loved when I was in college.

I found this super cool marker box at Goodwill for $3! Just wait for it to be clean you'll see its greatness.

And I bought a few pieces of paper at Zani Futon.

I had lots of time to work on my Christmas journal too!

We had a great time!


Kelly Kilmer said...

You TOTALLY scored with the box and paper. LOVE the journal!!!!!

Cute picture of you two!! :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas journal is fabulous. I wanted to thenk you for the wonderful Christmas diptych inchies. So cute. Love Flagstaff. Lived there for years. Wish I was there for Christmas. And Happy Anniversary.
Charlotte Fern

Anonymous said...

I love your Christmas journal. I had torn out the page in "Cloth Paper Scissors" today decided to google you and here you are! I had needlpointed a santa for the cover page of a Christmas Journal for me. Now you are my inspiration - I like your immensely! What is the base for your pages? thanks for your art.

Anonymous said...

I really would like to know approximately the size of your pages in the Christmas journal. I am working on mine and not happy with the large pages I have been working on.
Thanks for sharing on your blog.
Julia who lives in Cold GA.