Friday, November 28, 2008

Things That Made Me Silly Happy Today

1. Buying a Cabbage Patch Kid for Kakes.
This is the first and last year that I'll actually be able to post an of Kakes Christmas gift on my blog before Christmas but for this year if she sees it she will just say, "baby" and go about her business. We were recently at a birthday party for one of our toddler friends who received a Cabbage Patch Kid. Kakes loved the "baby" so much that, combined with the love for Cabbage Patch Kids that Buffy and I have, I knew I had to get one for her! I was originally disappointed because I found out that they were recommended for ages 3 and up, but as silver linings would have it the preemie babies are made for littler girls and were also on sale for $10 at Walmart this morning! Yes, I went to Walmart early this morning but spent longer in line than getting this baby and it made me happier than I could ever have imagined. :)

2. Finding these retro santa, hedgehog, and owl stamps for $2.50 each completely by accident on my way to the restroom at Walmart.
You know you love them!

3. Exploring new Hambly products onlie this morning!
You have to treat yourself too!

4. Recieving this oh so cool package in the mail!

I've decided to very slowly clean out my home studio, I want to rearrange some things and make a little library space in my house. Interested in seeing what I'm getting rid of??? See my ebay! :)
Just a little note also to say that the medicine I've been taking worked well and is now leaving my system- both of which I'm thankful for. I'm hopeful that I'll continue to get stronger. Mom's helping me "train" to be ready for work by Monday by taking me out on short shopping trips per my request. A little retail therapy can't be so bad afterall. :)


Kelly Kilmer said...

;) I remember when cabbage patch kids came out and how badly I wanted one!!! I had one and I LOVED her. One of my cousins had at least 25 all over her bed (spoiled brat) ;).

Kakes will go nuts!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom wrote:
What's not to love about a girl who doesn't complain about taking her medicine/training to get stronger?