Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Night Adventure, Saturday Morning Art

Background Info:
I love when pizzas come out of the oven with those big air bubbles. It comes from high school when I worked at Peter Piper Pizza and we had to hit all of the air bubbles while the pizza were in the oven. You see, those bubble spread and can make the whole top of a pizza lift off, so they have a practical reason why they must be stopped but I like it when they survive. Luckily, all of my friends know this about me and don't really care about pizza bubbles surviving so I always end up with my beloved bubbles!

Last night Ayesha and I finally talked Jim and Rob into going out to First Friday, a monthly art walk in downtown Phoenix, with us. We started by dining at Cibo. Cibo is a super cute pizza place in a historic house near First Fridays. It was fun to be at a non-chain restaurant with Jim and Rob and they wer good sports with the wait and everything! The best part was this giant bubble I got on my pizza!

Afterward we attempted to go to First Friday but it was crazy busy! We couldn't find parking anywhere and ended up just going to Rosie McCaffrey's for a little while but the night overall was a lot of fun!

This Morning I finished my Christmas inchies. I actually sighned up for two places on the inchie list so that I could make these fun two part inchies! (I keep thinking about one of Debbie's framed set of inchies that has a few sets and they ar too cool!)

Since presentation is everything... I got caried away. I wanted to spread a bit of black and white Christmas to everyone. (Check out the fingernails too! I love my nail stamp art!)

If you are interested in doing Christmas inchies to call Debbie at Frenzy! There were still spots open on Wednesday night.

Also, look at all of the cool Christmas journal stuff I found in the dollar section at Joanne today!

I also had to get these cool Christmas stamps for my journal! They wer 30% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon! Such a deal!

Now the question is what's the next project? The day is still young!

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