Saturday, March 13, 2010

Falling For Ittiy Bitty Stencils

I am totally in love with Itty Bitties and my love is only getting deeper! I thought today I would show you why I love them so because it is possible you will love them too. :)

First, it great fun to trace the Itty Bitties and create itty bitties out of both solid and patterned cardstock. (Besides just being pretty here you can see how I created layers with them in the pages below.)

Next, I love edging the Itty Bitties using a Sharpie with a broad tip. This makes them have a bold edge that I love on my journal pages! Some times it is even fun to use a stencil to draw a second smaller shape inside the outline. Playing and experimenting is fun. You can add lines to your borders of just leave them as they are. The Sky is the limit!

My very favorite thing to do with Itty Bitties though is to stamp on them! You can create interesting designs and patterns stamping with StazOn permanent inks. Remember to stamp lightly so your stamp won't want to slide. (If you have a baby wipe handy and you stamp slides you may have time to wipe the permanent ink off. I know from experience. :) Also, remember to let the ink dry for a few minutes before touching the image.

Attaching the Itty Bitties is easy too! Staples and clips look cool and produce a more 3-D look. You can also lay them down flat by brushing the back with gel medium and pressing them down firmly in your journal. The pressing is to get the air bubble out of the glue not because it is a difficult process.

Here are two pages where I both traced and glued down decorated Itty Bitty Stencils.

I should also mention that you can write on the Itty Bitties using permanent markers or Gelly Roll Glaze or Souffle pens!

You can get a variety pack of 10 Itty Bitties for only $3 in my Etsy shop. Am I tempting you?


Kelly Kilmer said...

These are the BEST. The Itty Bittys are some of my favorites too but then the BIG ONES are wayyyyyyyy cool too. Ohhhhh the endless possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

You've sold me, I just ordered a big set and the itty bitty's. Great idea and they look like a lot of fun.

Lori W said...

I can't wait for mine to get here!Lori in Colorado

jurassic said...

I saw these on Kelly Kilmer's blog and ordered some itty bitty's! Fun.