Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing Stencils!

So what's all the excitement you say? My mom and I have been busy playing this week and the result is yummy stencil sets in six different styles! These stencils are so fun and so addictive! Each stencil set comes in eight different sizes from approximately 2 inches up to 9 inches. Please meet






and abigail

These great stencil sets are available now on my Etsy shop here. And will also be available for purchase in August at Art Unraveled from my mom if supplies last! At only $10 a set they are sure to go fast! And as an added bonus for a limited time (And only through my etsy shop!) I will send you a free set of Itty Bitty stencils for every $20 you spend! Itty Bitties are fun to decorate and add to your journal pages!

In celebration of the new stencils I plan to have loads of stencil ideas on my blog but for now check out these unjournaled pages. Keep an eye out for the Itty Bitties!

You know you NEED them!


Sharyn said...

Wicked pages! Is there anything you and your mom can't do?

Nanc said...

I really love your stencils cool. You and your Mom are so talented. Your itty bitty stencils sound perfect for journaling.......way too cool. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in Tucson.

Trine said...

wow, great!! and i love your pages, cause the pink is awesome! ;-)

xoxo trine

Kelly Kilmer said...

I know you've heard me tell you how much I LOVE these stencils. I need to tell everyone else how much I LOVE these stencils...


LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

The abigail is my favorite! ;)

Trine said...

hey ladies!

i just wanted to tell you i am having a little giveaway now on my blog, so check it out if you like! ;-)

xoxo trine

e said...

I'm partial to Olivia and Quinn! FABULOUS! :)