Saturday, March 20, 2010

One More

Okay one more stencil idea from me. My mom is taking over tomorrow with ideas for stencils on fabric!

Last year at Art Unraveled I took a class with Lisa Engelbrecht and she introduced me to the very cool No Blot Pencil. (Scroll down a bit on the link. Yes, this pencil is worth $5! I would order one before it is too late!) I started this page my doodling messy around the stencil. I know it is hard to see because it just looks like pencil at this point.

Next, I used a Ranger mini mister to spritz the pencil. This is so much fun to watch in real life!

Then, I colored randomly with my wax pastels inside the stenciled image.

As usual a little collage to seal the deal.

If you look closely you can se a sneek peek of what's coming up next from the stencil project. :)


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I NEED that red tape, like yesterday. Where can I get some besides by breaking in to your house?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Is it funny or what that I also used the zipper tape earlier today in class?

Ahhhhhhh I LOVE the sneak peek!!! :)

and you are just super smart with that blue pencil!! Woot woot! So glad I bought one! So glad YOU MADE me buy one!

Can't wait to see what is up Mom's sleeves!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the idea on the pencil. Yes I ordered one so I could try this too.

I'm really loving all these stencil ideas you're posting. Now hoping to have some energy to go and try them.

Thanks and can't wait to see what you're Mom does.

Tiffany said...

OMG!! you are so thoughtful and kind~ YUMALISH is all I have to say about the GIANT Junior mints~!! Where did you find those! I looked for Jr Mints in the airport last night on our long wait and flights back home from Hawaii but never found any so when I came home to huge Jr mints I was soooooo happy!
Thanks sooooo much! PS, love the polka dot tape you used on the package!!!