Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Writing Adds Texture

I started my stencil page out today the same way I did yesterday's page with my wax pastels. (See what happens when you bring out a new toy- you want to use it.) I colored against the edge of the largest Abigail stencil with both pink and purple before blending them with a paper towel. I also ended up using yellow around the edges of the page just because I couldn't stop playing.

Next, I used a lime green sharpie, just because it was out, to trace the edge of largest Abigail stencil along the edge of the wax pastel. Then, I traced two smaller Abigail stencils also with the lime green sharpie. My goal in creating these line was to create an area to house writing not because this writing would be particularly important, although it could be, but just to add texture to my page.

Then, I used a blue sharpie Poster Paint Pen and began writing a quote I like.

When I ran out of room to finish the quote I just grabbed a Brown Gelly Roll Glaze Pen and kept going on top of the blue sharpie. I just think the layered writing looks pretty in its stencil house. :)

As usual, I ended by collaging and, because I am addicted to them, I added on a decorated Itty Bitty too!

P.S. You can get free Itty Bitties when you spend $20 in my Etsy store!


Sharyn said...

You and your journals are just so awesomely awesome!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

You go girl!

Sandy said...

I love this idea. Great page and colors.