Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey, Hey!

So, I didn't forget about you over my break. I've been busy working on a little something. Well, that and a little food poisoning from Monday that wiped me out on Tuesday. :) I thought I should show you some goodies from shopping adventures this week.

On Monday Ayesha, Jessica, Barb and I went adventuring to Mesa to visit Scrapbooks Etc. and Mystic Paper. I was so good! I spent less that $40 on my habit for the whole day although I did buy some paper not pictured here for my nieces first birthday photo shoot too. :)

Today I went to the two smaller scrapbook stores near my house I was not impressed really. Aside from the amazing ribbon bag that I actually went to go buy I spent less than $15. If you know me you are amazed right now. :)

Prepare yourself for the amazing ribbon bag..... Not so exciting in the store....

So cool you can hardly stand it holing ribbon! I met one of Jim's friends last Friday and saw her ribbon bag and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to get one for my scrap ribbon too! It is love!

Come back tomorrow for an exciting crafty announcement! I am excited!


Kelly Kilmer said...

That ribbon case is totally (in Jeane's way of saying it) COOL.


Love the goodies you found!! Woot woot!

Sandy said...

Great shopping trip. Love the ribbon bag. Your local store sounds like mine. Sadly.

jessica en fuego said...

ooooh, an announcement!!? now i'm intrigued. i took photos of my loot from monday also and have yet to post them. perhaps tomorrow.

Sharyn said...

Wicked cool stuff! I WILL be going to all the cool places won't I? So save that money now girl!

Tiffany said...

OMG!!! That stuff is sooo cute!~ And that ribbon bag.....HOLY COW!!! Speechless! I will have to get ne when we get back in town! :)