Friday, March 19, 2010

You Are So Not Ready For This!

Sometimes I even amaze myself. LOL! Trust me when I say this is SO easy even though it may sound scary. How about a little TAPE with your stencils? Yes, that's right TAPE!

First, lay your stencil down and basically tape it to the page! Rub the edges of the stencil really well so that you can see the edges easily.

Next, get out your X-acto knife and trace gently around the edges of the stencil the same way that you would trace the stencil with a pencil. Now you can easily remove the stencil. (Hint- Don't try to lay the knife on it's side and slide it around to cut. It is too easy to cut the stencil. I tried it just so you wouldn't have to try and damage your stencil!)

Then, I drew next to the tape with a Sharpie to get a crisp line.

Collage the page and you have another amazing stencil page!

The tape I used easily peeled off the stencil but I decided to leave it on. Not only do I like it but it makes the edge easier to see for other projects too!

Okay I know I said it was going to be stencil week but I may have a few more ideas to show. :) Stay tuned.


Sharyn said...

You're just full of it ths week! (creativity I mean)

Sandy said...

this is a great idea! I'm going to have to try it.

Paula Phillips said...

Beautiful work! Those stencils are wonderful!
Much Love