Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spooky Dinner

I love Halloween. Not so much dressing up anymore, although it ranked highly when I was younger, but the treats and surprises. For several years I have made Spooky Dinner for a few of my friends. This year's spooky dinner had two shifts. Mom, Buff, Baby Kakes and Deb first and then a second round with Deb and Ayesha. The menu included bat's blood punch, spaghetti with eyeballs, spider web, bread, and spooky salad bar including weeds and grass (lettuce), vampire eyes (cherry tomato), ogre curls (broccoli), witches teeth (sunflower seeds), mummy bandages (Shreded mozzerella). For dessert Deb brought a bleeding eyeball cake and of course we made roasted Peeps. They were Ayesha's first roasted Peeps, a moment I'm sure she will not soon forget.


Jane said...

Aren't those the three cutest girls EVER? XO(hear) P, MH

feistyelizabeth said...

Dinner was the spooookiest ever! Baby Kakes truly enjoyed herself and is already planning ahead for next year!

little miss ayesha said...

Best spooky dinner I've ever attended! Thank goodness for you because I never knew roasted peeps were what I was missing in life. :)