Thursday, February 7, 2008

6 x 6 Canvas Journal

I finished up this cute 6"x 6" journal last night. Half of the pages are painted and the other half are double sided cardstock. I thought it would be fun to try working with both types of paper a a base.

Ayesha and I also started meeting with 10 of our 5th graders for Art Journal Club yesterday. They are making journals from gutted books alla Kelly. They are so excited! They are willing to give up lunch recess to come make the journal and will be coming after school to collage and journal soon. We are lucky that our school librarian, Maggie, loves us and passes along all discarded book to be turned in to art. We are also lucky that Student Council likes to support fun art programs and was willing to buy us canvas and tons of special pens! Can you tell I'm as excited as the kids?

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