Monday, February 25, 2008

Junk Mail

I have been getting A LOT of junk mail in my comments lately. I am trying to delete them as soon as I see them but PLEASE do not click on any link in a comment. People have been adding these links and they have viruses attached to them. If you need to link to anything from my blog I will put the link in my post. Keep your computer safe so you can come back to my blog often. :)


miss sumbal said...

Hey darling,

You can turn moderation of comments on so you have to "approve" all comments before they are posted. I think it is in settings-comments. :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Jeane,

I have my comments on moderation all of the time because of the junk that would pour into the comment section in the beginning. It's slowed down a LOT since then.