Monday, February 4, 2008

How Did It Get To Be Monday Night Already?

Wow, time flies! I got to catch up with Buffy and Baby Kakes on Friday night. I had fun visiting Kakes and crashing Buffy and Seth's date night. It was lots of fun.
On Saturday I took my mom's Fabric Heart Book class. It was a good group of people in class and my book is so fun. You can see a picture of us working at Frenzy Stamper's blog but I'll have to wait until Valentine's Day to post pictures because I want the book to be a surprise. Shhh! Don't tell Prince Charming!
We watched the Super Bowl at Rob's house with the usual crew plus Ayesha. I had a good time, ate lots of stuff I shouldn't have, and got a chance to lay on Jim for several needed hours. Of course I fell asleep on Jim before the game was over but it wouldn't be a real trip to Rob's if I didn't fall asleep watching some sort of sporting event. HA!

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