Saturday, February 16, 2008

Art Journal Kit

In my classes with Kelly Kilmer a few weeks ago she recommended making an art journal kit. I was excited to do this but today when my mom emailed me a link to Michelle Ward's site GPP Street Team I knew I had to get on it! The GPP Street Team is a blog that hosts a challenge to participate in each month. This month's challenge # 17 was to create an art journal kit, post it on your blog, and sign in. So, here I am.

First let me acknowledge that I have a problem. I know I don't need every writing instrument ever made nor every single sheet of paper ever printed. I do however find myself living with a lot of them and to be honest that just makes me happy. I do think I'll be thinking very carefully about purchasing any new art supplies in the next few weeks (That's usually as long as this sort of hideous lasts.) and try "living off the fat of the land" so to speak.

I started my kit by dusting off my favorite recycled bag. I haven't used it in a while but I still love it. It is made from semi tire intertubes, a reclaimed reflective band, a seatbelt handle, and my favorite a reclaimed VW emblem.

I loaded the bag with my favorite pens, black and white glaze, Moonlight, and clear glitter Stardust Gelly Rolls by Sakura. A White Out pen. My favorite markers both Sakura Permopaque and Sharpie water based Poster Paint.

Next, I filled a three ring binder with a collection of collaging papers and focal images, must have journaling stamps by Robin Marie, a set of alphabet stamps, an acrylic block, and a Versifine Stamp pad.

I tossed in a pair of scissors, glue stick, and a metal ruler.

Added my journals.

And, to finish off this cool kit I added my Sargent Arts Liquid Metals markers that I just bought this weekend. These markers are yummy and at just $2.99 for 5 they are a steel in comparison to most other metallic markers.

Now, I can't wait to take my journal on the road!

I also made the coolest surprise for Baby Kakes who is almost one already. I will post picture of the fabulous surprise on Cinco de Kakes in Mayo. :)


michelle ward said...

Jeane, thanks for jumping in on the Crusade! Doesn't it feel good to have your kit assembled and ready to use? Love your bag - cool to hear your description of what it's made of. Terrific idea to have a 3-ring binder with your paper scraps and stamps, *runs to go get one for my kit*. Those liquid metal markers look really juicy - another thing to add to my wishlist.

Julie said...

Jeane, your kit is wonderful! Love the idea of the binder to hold scraps, may have to add that to mine! Thanks for sharing

Baby Kakes said...

Did someone say SURPRISE for meee???

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