Sunday, February 10, 2008

Art Unraveled Registration

I finally made some hard decisions about which classes I wanted to register for at this years Art Unraveled. After reading all of the class descriptions probably about 10 times I decide to register for Tiny Portraits with Juana Martinez-Neal on Monday. Landscapes of the Mind with Anne Girgich on Wednesday, Gocco a Gogo with Traci Bunkers and Funky Found Object canvas Village with Leighanna Light on Sunday. I got my registration ready to go today! I am hoping that I will get all of my first choices if I mail my registration on Friday. If you are unfamiliar with Art Unravel you may be surprised to know that tons of people mail in their registration each February for classes that do not happen until August.

I also need to rave about how cool these Stardust Clear Gelly Roll pens are. I love writing secret messages with them and adding little glittery accents. If you don't have them you should walk not run to Frenzy Stamper to get a set! If you don't live in AZ you can go to the Gelly Roll web site. I wrote discover your muse, Art Unraveled's theme this year, on the envelope in several spots and it is so cool! I LOVE these pens!

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