Sunday, February 24, 2008


Do you remember when all it took to make you happy was a used Starbucks straw? I had a fun time adventuring with Buffy and Baby Kakes today. How could I ever get enough of them?

This weekend I finished my bird themed round robin book.

I also created a book using a cake box for the cover. The pages inside are made from double sided cardstock and in varing sizes. I am thinking about using this project for my recycled zine project.


Baby Kakes said...

The straw was second to being entertained by the greatest Auntie in the world. Thanks for keeping me company today so Mom could have her turn with Laurie. I had so much fun and I sure do love you LOTS!

p.s. your cake box looks like the kind mommy bought to make my birthday cake!

baby kakes said...

p.p.s. please make another poll. I have opinions about the world that I like to share and find that your blog and crowded restaurants are the best place to make my voice heard.

Altered Artists said...

Hellooooooo, what a clever idea for the book cover! That is some artsy genius right there! I'm thinking cereal boxes etc... A fun
project for kids in class too.
Keep up the inspiration!