Thursday, April 2, 2009

AIMS Testing

Their is no art this week at my school because the kids are taking AIMS, the AZ achievement test. So what does an art teacher do??? At my school all of the special area teachers have been assigned to a "regular" classroom to help proctor the test. 80%+ of the kids at my school are learning English as their second language so if they ask us to clarify directions on a section or need us to read them a question in math or science only we are able to give them that accommodation. The afternoons are very busy lots of walking around and answering lots of questions. In the morning while they are working on the reading portion I have been doing a little art "research" and getting caught up on my reading! So far I have read...

I have also started the current edition of Artful Blogging & have created a huge list of websites to look at sometime soon. I am looking forward to teaching. :) It makes me feel more productive.

I have also been getting ready for the big art show! I am in charge of coordinating it for my district this year so between working on my panel I have been contacting the mall, making letters for principals, putting together art awards, and making sure chairs are ordered. :) It's a busy time.

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Sandy said...

At least you're getting some reading done. :D Shelby's school is testing this year too. His grade isn't though, they're doing LEAP and he's in 9th. They're being shuffled around to learn what they need for the week and they're not having any homework this week which annoys me a bit. He's excited about it though. I'm getting him to read his literature assigned book in the afternoons, Great Expectations so he doesn't fall behind. He thinks that's so unfair. LOL

The big art show sounds like fun and a lot of work. I hope it goes well.