Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Fingers Actually Hurt...

but my first embroidery project is done! I have big plans for this little piece (and a few others I'll be working on soon.) Stay turned to see what's up. :)

Last night I went to Buffy's house to have dinner with Malissa and her family. (Malissa's family has a special place in my heart not only because they are fabulous but because they introduced me to Jim.) When I got to the door Iwas greeted by Kakes in sunglasses and a watch! The cuteness was too much!

We ate pizza. got caught up, and Baby Q and I also took out first self-inflicted photo!


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Gosh, those kids are cute!

On another matter, I thought it was scary enough already, but now with the embroidery, it is getting REALLY scary!

Kelly Kilmer said...

LOVE The embroidery-you go, girl! LOVE it!!!!

CUTE pictures. CUTE.

Buffy! said...

It looks like cute sisters run in your family (HAH!)


Jamie said...

Awesome job! Love it! Did you like doing it? Can't wait to see "what's up"!!! :)

Those girls are sooo cute!!!