Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Ayesha!

Ayesha is a Tax Day Baby! I was lucky this year because I happened to know that she was interested in owning a graffiti purse and a hand stamped bracelet with purple pearls.

I had started this canvas and knew she like the colors but spray painted on some black low riders and purple stars. Ayesha loves purple and stars.

Then into a purse it went. :)

Check out my new logo tags!

Here is a terrible picture of her bracelet too!

We get to go to dinner tomorrow night since I've had art events the last two nights. Happy Birthday Ayesha!


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I am guessing she already got her gifts. I wish I could have seen her when she saw them. I am sure she was ecstatic!

Jamie said...

What awesome gifts!!!! Love them both!!! You Rock, Jeane!!! :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Birthday, Ayesha!!!!

Lucky woman to get such cool gifts!!!

LOVE your new tags, Jeane!

miss sumbal said...

It is true, I am very lucky to have such an artistic and wonderful friend! I love them both! You rule, Jeane... your creativity is inspiring! :)