Friday, April 10, 2009


This morning I finally hung the artwork that I framed in December in my library. (For Christmas I cleaned out the "dog's room" and made it a nice place for me and the dogs not just a crazy storage area. :)

I did not do it before because I was having a hard time attaching the picture hangers to the backs of the frames with numb fingers and then just kept putting it off. Today I was determined to get the hangers on the backs! As it turned out one of the frames was made of super hard wood the others all were easy to nail or screw into. Just looking at them all frames makes me happy. :)

The best part of all of these artworks is that they all have a story. The center picture I bought from Claudine Hellmuth at Art Unraveled probably the first year I went. The two larger pieces on the left and right of Claudine's were bought in New York from a street artist a couple of years ago when I went with my mom. The two smaller ones are from Kelly Kilmer. One of them is the origional cover from a Chunky book swap we were in together and the other one is an altered photograph she made for me in November. (Am I lucky or what?) Finally, I bought the yellow one from Jamie. You can visit her new etsy store to see more of her art.

I also worked on my art Journal this morning, ran lots of errands, and went clothes shopping. No luck on the clothes. Why is shopping for art supplies so much easier?


Kelly Kilmer said...

I forgot to wish you a happy peeps eatin' weekend.

roast 'em and dip 'em in chocolate ;)

Sandy said...

I love your wall, great stuff. Everything looks great. And your pages look wonderful as always. I actually got 3 made, I just need to photograph them and upload them. I have one of Jamie's paintings and it's on my shelf with my Willow Tree Angels. :) Hope you have a great weekend.

jessica en fuego said...

Way to hang! I can relate. I too have a growing collection of frames I need to hang on my picture wall. Maybe someday it'll get done!