Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The DL on Kelly Weekend

Okay, let me start by saying that I have loved everyone of Kelly's classes that I have ever taken but some classes just grab you in a special kind of way. I'd have to say that Addicted To Tape is definitely in my top five favorite Kelly classes of all time! I had a ball creating backgrounds and collaging using decorative tapes and I discovered that I am in love with colored masking tape!

My next "journal" is actually an altered deck of cards (that was also a Kelly class:) and I made all of these cards in Addicted To Tape!!! I should mention that both sides are done too!

(I will put a photo of each card on my blog once I have journaled them. :)

Friday night was The Language of Color. We experimented with color, technique, and even types of paper. I made loads of paper that I ended up binding in to one of my journals in another class this weekend.

I had so much fun Saturday taking Everything You Need To Know About Pens (and More)! We played with tons of pens on top of acrylic and of course I created a shopping list of a few more pens I had to have. :) Once I have them in my hot little hands I'll tell you all about them. I also took all my practice pages and bound them into a journal later in the weekend!

Saturday was a Few of My Favorite Things Book. I flipped the book to be bound from the shorter side and LOVED IT!!! This book is actually inspiring me to do some sort of photo journal... we'll see what happens!

Sunday was Spirit Journal. Loved it too! This little cutie has super cute pockets in the front and back cover and gave me a fun idea I want to try the next time I make one! I could tell you the idea but then I couldn't keep you coming back. LOL! I still want to add a ribbon to this journal so watch for that the next time you see it too!

My other revelation from the weekend is that I should actually try reading the handouts after class. HA! I noticed all kinds of great tidbits in them. Kelly says they are designed to be like a workbook...I have enough workbooks to last a year at least! I need to get to reading! :)

I love Kelly weekends! The only trouble is that they take so long to get here and then go buy so quickly! So much fun!


Andrea said...

I love your journal pages! I checked out Kelly's blog and her online classes look so FUN.
ps thank you for all of the Happy Mail goodies. I can't wait to use them ALL - perfect motivation to get busy.

Kelly Kilmer said...


I totally agree-they do go by so very very quickly! Even Tristan agreed that we blinked and it was over!!

LOVE what you made!!!!!!!!!! Those postcards are just the greatest!! LOVE all of it!

Sharyn said...

Hooray!!! I was waiting to see some of this! I LOVE everything you made. You use so much color-just awesome!
At least you get to see Kelly more often than I do :)

Mary G. said...

Loved meeting you in Kelly's class. It was SO MUCH FUN. Hope to see you in one of her classes again soon. Mary

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I second that emotion.

Sandy said...

I love it all and can't wait to see what you do to what you created.