Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Reorganization

I've been working on a little reorganization in my studio most of which you would never be able to tell I did. I have been cleaning out folders of supplies and trying to pass on what I don't think I'll use. If you have ever done this you know how painful it can be. For me it is mostly disappointment that I have not used so many supplies before they loose their cool factor. Passing them on to my oldest niece is making it a little easier. She loves stickers and will not care if they are random alphabet stickers. :)

One part you can see (but probably would never notice :) is my tape stash! I reorganized my pants holders so that one holds all of the opaque tapes and one holds all of the transparent tapes.

I love this but even more I love my new masking tape stash! I had serious tape envy over Kelly's masking tape box at class about a week ago so I had to make my own box! I had this ruler pencil box and it fit my tape perfectly! (FYI... Kelly's box is larger than mine so if this looks unreal to you just think it could get bigger!)

Here are a few journal pages too!


Dawn @ alteredartists said...

very nice. I often wonder if my artsy friends (like you!) have more stash at their house than I do. Hmmm.

Kelly Kilmer said...

My guess is that you're going to need a bigger box for your masking tape very soon. LOL! ;)

Sharyn said...

Love, love, love all of it! Now I need a tape box too.

See you soon but not soon enough!