Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Big Surprise of February!

Believe it or not we pulled off another Surprise Baby Shower yesterday! (Yes, if you are counting I had 4 baby showers and a wedding this month. :) We wanted to welcome Cooper Scott too! Val, Noel, Deb, and I all planned a shower with the help of Peter, Amber's Husband.

(Don't you love how my flower matches the shower colors? I bought it from Jamie's etsy!)

Deb had "planned" a boys day out for Ben, her boyfriend, and Peter so when Peter grabbed this pack of beer that really had the Scott's camera and video camera it didn't look strange at all. Really Peter drove Amber straight to us. Val, Deb, and I drove her to the party with a blind fold and a few balloonos. We were lucky because she is used to us kidnapping her so she didn't find this strange. :)

When she got there we gave her an invitation to the party.

Cooper had his own banner.

Party favors.

I also made Amber coordinating thank you notes.

A pair of big and little brother shirts and special onsies just for Cooper.

It was such a fun time! Speaking of babies we got the fun news that Max Crawford was being born during Amber's shower! Lucky we had her shower last weekend. :) And I should also mention that Trystan Thibault was born this week too! Yay babies!


Jamie said...

What a beautiful shower!!! You are the partyin' queen!!! You should be a professional party planner! I loooooooove the pin on you!!!! It was perfect for the shower!

Sharyn said...

So what are you doin' for fun next month? You are the party throwin' queen and if I ever NEED a party I wish you could throw it.

Oh ya, how are you making those cool T-shirts/onesies?

Tiffany said...

Super cute shower!! Everything was just darling!

Barbara said...

oh i love the smile shirt with the doggy! Is there a way to design your own dog type with vinyl? maybe a bully?haha