Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Surprised Revealed!

I warned you this month would have lots of revealed surprises. :) Yesterday was Sarah's school baby shower. When I fond out her little guy, Max, was going to have a rock N' roll nursery I volunteered to help with the shower decorations. I knew she NEEDED these table centerpieces.

A banner with Max's name.

And a rockstar baby banner too! (I won't tell you how irritated I was when I discovered that one of my kids had torn the cutest star off of the end of this banner some time during the day!)

This was the card for Sara.

And her school gift was thanks you notes to match the shower!

The shower was super cute and fun too! I can't wait to give her, her gift on Sunday at her personal shower either!


OliveraPlants said...

Jeane, these are wonderful! You are soooo creative! HAGD - Twyla

Kelly Kilmer said...

What super cool ideas!!! LOVE them!

Yeah, I'd be super po'd at the kid tearing the star off...oy!

Sara Crawford said...

I would have to say that you out did yourself! The decorations are amazing! Thank you so much Jeane!!