Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unofficially Back To School

I'm unofficially back to school. I've started with leadership and district office meetings and I have also been getting my classroom ready so that I can help out with new teacher induction in between Art Unraveled classes next week. I can't believe it is already that time again.

Today I made some great characters for the school studio from images by Jill Penny and Daniel Torrente from Stampotique. (You've got to love an angel company.) I will post picture after I hang them at school. Picture of them laying on the floor just doesn't do them justice.

Just for an update I'm now reading Eclipse but only on page 57. Who knew I'd love vampire books? :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two Fun Days

Yesterday was a great day. I stayed in my PJ's reading and working on art projects until two in the afternoon when I was forced into the shower so that I cold be decent to go buy New Moon, the sequel to Twilight.

I'm not the type of person who can just sit around usually, I'm always on the go. It's the one thing that makes Jim crazy. He's always saying, "Can't you just relax for a little while." so yesterday surprised him a little bit. I was super excited to get back to Twilight and did not put it down until I thought I couldn't read any longer without falling asleep- not from the plot but I just don't sit well. I was also anxious to make a Halloween garland for Deb, who decorates for Halloween in August (Yes, really), with the paper I got At Frenzy.

Satisfied with the outcome of the Halloween garland I went back to my book. The publisher of the Twilight series is very smart! At the end of each book they also publish the first chapter of the next book in the series. Of course it was a nail biter and I had to get New Moon right that second so that I would know what had happened to the main characters before I was scheduled to meet up with Ayesha, Deb, and Ben for dinner. Deb loved her garland and convinced Ben it was close enough to August and he eventually agreed that she could hang it already.

Today was hair day, which is always fun, but today I got to give Buffy and Kakes there Adore book. Kakes appreciated the giraffe tissue paper it was wrapped in and Buffy loved the book.

I had my hair styled diffrently and I love the way it turned out. (You can kind of see it in the photo below.) After Buffy, Kakes, Mom, Shannon, and I all had our hair done we went to lunch. The best part was watching Kakes try to feed herself the dessert. Sure I was holding her but Buffy agreed to this. Buffy loves to give Kakes all kinds of experiences even if they make her messy and tired. While I'm sure Kakes was learning about how to feed herself we were all enjoying the experience as well.

After getting home from Mesa I was ready for a nap and then I was back to reading. For the benefit of those of you who are keeping track of my reading progress I'll say I'm about 150 pages into New Moon and am missing Edward. I think I read much more quickly when he is around.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Notion Inchies

And...with my notion inchies finished, I am done! I just need to label their bags and I am on to the Halloween projects just as soon as I am done reading Twilight. Off to page 308 right this second.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dilated eyes

I went to work in my class room for a few hours yesterday and then headed off to an eye appointment. As I was waiting I was reading Twilight, of course. The first eye girl calls me back says she's going to dilate my eyes. I say yeah sure because it's never been a problem for me before just inconvenient. Apparently I've never tried to read before with dilated eyes because instantly I could not read. It was even difficult to see the glasses that I was trying on. (Although I found a very cute pair with lots of bling on the side. I can't wait for them to arrive in about two weeks. And, the best part is that my prescription did not change so I can use my pair now that I love as a backup without replacing the scratched lenses since I won't wear them every day.:)

I found myself irritated that I could not read my book, tried to do it anyway even though I was reading very slowly and ended up having such a headache that I had to just take a nap. Finally at 6:00 after my Weight Watchers meeting I was able to read normally. I still have my headache this morning. Was it worth it you ask? Yes. I can't believe that I'm hooked on a vampire book but it's true.

I did manage to finish my purple inchies.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun At Frenzy + Buffy & Kakes Adorable Book

First let me tell you that Debbie got very cool Halloween scrapbook paper in Yesterday! If you love Halloween you need it! Go get ti now, you know there won't be any left in October. :) It has tons of tiny little details and just wait until you see my idea. (It's great in my head anyway!)

Next, class with Rosie was so fun. I learned all about using the Gocco Machine, got to burn my own screen, and experiment with printing on tons of different papers. I totally need a Gocco machine of my own! (Does this sound like how I needed a button machine after her last class?) Rosie is going to be an expensive habit for me I can tell already. I love it!

One of my friends came to Frenzy last night to surprise me with this cute ornament. Not only is it ice cream which I love she noticed that it would match my black & white Christmas tree. How cute that they all have black & white scaves! :)

After my post yesterday all of the excitement of the day before started to settle in with me and I realized I was a little tired. I decided to check out only one scrapbook store. Scrap Happy Sisters is the store closest to my house. (You can see the full review on Yelp.) I picked up a package of pink flowers, some pink bling, and some tiny purple bling for my inchies but forgot to take a picture because I was too excited to start working on the book for Buffy and Kakes. I finished it up this morning because I needed to buy black bling at Frenzy last night. I love this book and can't wait to get Buffy's reaction!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventuring In Mesa

I might have mentioned before that after adventuring to all the coolest art stores in CA I was wondering why I hadn't tried it in AZ. I LOVE Frenzy Stamper and am always able to find my allowances worth of art supplies and Debbie is so wonderful that I really had little need to look elsewhere I guess. While Frenzy is still my favorite shop, after all Debbie lets me openly shout out when I discover something I love, I went on a fact finding mission yesterday.
You see, I fell in love with the Yelp web site a few day s ago and am addicted! (If you are interested you'll be able to read my full review of all the places I visited at my Yelp site.) That in combination with how much fun I had in CA and the desire to check out AZ store too led me to explore the stores in Mesa yesterday. I recruited my super friend Shannon to accompany me on this journey. Shannon lives in Chandler/Mesa, more importantly can read and understand directions 14x better than I can (at least!), shops at several of the stores I wanted to see, and knows how to find all the best restaurants!

We started the morning with a bagel and a diet Coke at Einstein's. We needed energy to start this adventure. At 10 am we headed over to The Scrapbook Barn. I know, I know you don't know if you can handle the name. I don't get it either. I picked up one piece of Buddha paper and a super cute book that says adore for a special little project for Buffy & Kakes. I know that you are shocked but remember this was only a fact finding mission.

Our next stop was Scrapbooks Etc. I had not been to this store in years and was shocked to see that it had expanded to double the size! If you are looking for scrapbook supplies and only have time to visit one store this would be it for sure! For me I bought a few sheets of skull paper I'd never seen, some red polka dots, a cute bird book and chipboard wings by Maya Roads. For the Buffy and Kakes project I found some cute pink and black paper that is grungy on one side and clean on the other. I'm all about the grunge.

Next, we went to Mystic Paper. While I enjoy visiting scrapbook stores it was nice to be in a paper art store, you can just tell a huge difference. Scrapbook stores are filled with people asking for help choosing coordinating colored papers and paper art store are full of people asking what can I do with a light bulb and a plastic doll head. (Exaggerated on both accounts but you get the picture.) This shop was very cute. I bought one sheet of bird paper, a purple/orange paper, an Halloween rub-ons from the clearance section, and one package of 1" square memory frames. I had been regretting not buying them in CA but didn't want to get carried away because I think Frenzy will be getting them soon.

At this point it was lunchtime, and we noticed an adorable restaurant called Sweet Cakes Cafe just a tiny bit down the street. When we asked the lady at Mystic Paper about the store she lit up so we headed over. This place was too cute! The first thing We noticed was the wall of cookies, bars, and brownies, and Shannon said, "Jeane, I think we might be in trouble here!" But it as the kind of trouble we wanted to be in so we stayed! Our lunch was so yummy it was ridiculous. The portions were huge and the cookies were out of this world! So soft and just perfect! We ordered a peanut butter cookie and a sugar cookie to share even though we knew we would get one with out lunch. We justified this by noticing the lunch size cookies were smaller than the ones in the wall of trouble.

Once we were adventuring again we headed to the now closed but still has their blog up Annalis Scraptique. After looking at the blog again today I notice the closing deal emails but I hate driving to a place only to find it closed.

Our final scrapbook stop was Devine Memories. This was a cute little store. It had some of the coolest bird paper that I'd never seen. I also found a cute tattoo like bird stamp that I had to have. While this is not the biggest scrapbook store it is a very cool stop and their is something to be said for supporting a smaller store like that.

To end the day Shannon took me to The Golden Spoon! Oh, mama! It is fat free, have a medium or large or only 3 WW points, does not taste like diet, frozen yogurt. I wish we had one on this side of town! It was a really fun day! The shopping and eating part was fun but the company was better. It did feel like a little AZ vacation!

I plan to check out a few more stores closer to home today and have class tonight at Frenzy with Rosie! I can't wait.

*Don't forget to click on the Yelp link above to read my full reviews of the shops!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bits and Pieces

This week marks one year with Ayesha & Deb! The Gwen Stefanni surprise was a somewhat cheesy cover for a video I made of all of our adventures in the last year. I tried to up load the iMovie but it will not work for some reason (Even after waiting over night!)

I finished my metal inchies. They probably took the longest time to make and they are not my favorite but they will be interesting I think in a collage of inchies. I cut apart a Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi can and added a pop top to each one.

After hearing so much about Twilight I finally bought it last night. First my assistant principal told me that his wife made twilight inspired jewlery and sold it on etsy. Then Dawn told me she thought she'd never be in into a book that had a teenage main character who falls in love with a vampire but loves the books. And the series just kept popping up everywhere. I was shopping with Ayesha and Deb who were both mildly interested n the book so I justified the purchase as an investment for the three of us. I am the guinea pig to read it first. :) I am totally sucked in. I started reading it at 9:15 and the next time I looked it was 10:45. Keep in mind my beadtime is usually 8:30 so this says a lot! I'll let you know how it's going.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Field Trip

The idea of the Friday field trip didn't exactly work out as a weekly trip (Mostly because Kakes napping schedule didn't line up with mine :) but we are excited to adventure out whenever we can. Today I went with Buffy and Kakes to meet Malissa and Baby T. As soon as Buffy put Kakes pink Converse on her she ran and grabbed her tutu. How cute is she???

Once the tutu was off we headed out to inflatable baby play land. (I don't remember the real name.) Kakes loved jumping and playing in all the inflatable playthings but especially loved the big slide. She climbed this very tall slide several times and had so much fun sliding down with Mommy and Auntie J. Check out her hair while she was sliding with me!

After a LONG nap I finished up my D ATC's. My D is for distress, dominoes, dice, & diamonds.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yay CA Tuesday

We didn't really have a top five list for Tuesday. We tried to go shopping at the beach and ended up at Venice beach. It was a bust for shopping. We stopped at a shopping mall towards the airport and just decided to get lunch, gas, and entertain ourselves at the airport. (As a public service announcement: If you find yourself thinking you should try eating at Yoshinoya sometime save yourself!)

It was still a good day. At this point we were pretty much exhausted anyway. I was looking forward to seeing Jim and sleeping in my own bed. You know how vacations are your excited to go but there's no place like home. Plus who wants to be in CA without Kelly? (Kelly inserting eye roll here:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yay CA Monday

Monday Top Five:
1) Breakfast at Lulu's. After picking Kelly up we* went to Lulu's for breakfast. I had Yummy chocolate chip banana pancakes!
2) Shopping with Kelly. SO much fun! Just wait for the what I bought section.

3) Meeting Joe. We had no idea that we were in the presence of greatness when we went to Zinnia. :) When we were checking out we realized that we all had Joe's stamps and my mom made him take a picture with them. Do you see him blushing?

4) Dinner at Canter's Deli. As we were driving back to the hotel from Kelly's we saw Canter's Deli. The pastries in the window called to us as we drove by so we stopped and had dinner. We couldn't believe how many types of mustard were on our table! My mom said the Pastrami on her sandwich was the prime rib of pastrami.

5) The Quiz. Once we go to the hotel my mom took all of my bags and I took all of her bags. We each took turns trying to remember all of the things we had bought. We each remembered most of what we had bought, The hard part was trying to remember each of the pens! Just wait for the what I bought section.

What I bought:

First stop- Kino-Buy-It-All (kinokuniya). This was a super cool book & Stationary store in Little Tokyo. I bought new pens and markers. (What, their are still pens and markers I don't own yet.) Mushroom tab stickers, and a really cool book Gallop (One for me and one for Kakes. Sssh, she doesn't know about it yet.) with moving Op Art pictures.

Second stop- Zinnia. Cute, cute,Cute. We were super lucky they opened on Monday just for us! I bought robot paper, the petal Maya Road Sheer Sheet, vintage gnomes, a glitter spider magnet, small buttons (not pictured-duh!), and my prized beetle bracelet! It is so me, super cute, I think the kids will love it, and it was a steal for under $12!

Third stop-Folk Tree. A store full of Mexican Folk art. I bought Papel Picado to hang at school for Dia de los Muertos and a small tin box. I've done these projects with my kids but it's always so much cooler when the kid can see a "real" on too!

Fourth stop- Dick Blick. I always order stuff for school from their catalogue so it was fun to go in person. I bought skull erasers and a hypotrochoid (Spirograph) art set. I'd been looking for a Spirograph and had not been able to find one at a reasonable price-I was so excited!

Next stops- Mimio and Paper Source. Both cool paper stores but I actually didn't buy anything. (Please don't faint.)

Final stop- Soap Plant /Wacko. This is a what0-not -shop and gallery. The Gallery is called La Luz De Jesus. I bought 2008 calendars of O'Keefe and Kahlo for only $1. I can cut them up to use for displays for the kid when we study these artists! Such a deal! Tiny skull stickers, and decorative packing tape. Besides being super cool the thin rolls were only $1.50 and two of the thick rolls were only $1!

Whew! What a day! IT was a total blast!

Yay CA Sunday

Sunday Top Five:
1) Not really sleeping. I think my mom and I were both too excited to sleep. We kept waking up and having conversations throughout the night until it was really time to get up.
2) Carpooling with Kelly to The Art Bar.
3) Breakfast at The Gypsy Den. This restaurant was yummy and really looked like a gypsy's den. Plus the bathroom had a cool design painted up one wall across teh celing and onto a second wall.

4) Fukoro Toji Book making class with Kelly. I missed this class last time when Kelly was in Scottsdale so it was great that she was teaching it while we were in CA!
5) Pizza & Fruit dinner. We were so tired, probably from lack of sleep and art exaustion, that we grabbed a pizza and fruit tray in the lobby of our hotel and had dinner in our room. This also left time to sort through some things from Kelly and work in out newly made journals.

Stuff I bought: Canvas Remixed, tiny glass bottles, mini ABC stencil, two artist rings, thin purple and red sharpie poaster markers, poision labels, Teresa Collins book covers and pages for the Zutter.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yay CA! Saturday

Mom & I arrived safely home in AZ this evening with a bunch of new toys and great memories as well!

Realizing that I'd never be able to remember all of the great things that I'd want to tell all of my dear blog readers we decided to create a list of the top five each day. Due to the narration of the top five I will be breaking up the days at least a little. This along with the picture of the stuff I bought paint a great picture of our trip!

Saturday Top Five:
(A little background- After landing in CA and getting our rental car we headed to the Fashion District. Top: Shirts I bought for only $6 & $8!)
1) Our first site of the Fashion District. Just imagine a swap meet that seems to go on for miles. The most exciting part was blocks of fabric stores with rolls and rolls of fabrics standing out on the street many accompanied by signs that said $1 a yard!
2) Telling off the Michael Levine Upholstery Sales Lady. I know this sounds terrible but just hear me out. First, you should know that their are few restrooms in the fashion district so imagine our surprise when we asked the sales lady where we could find a restroom and she said we have one at the back of our store. We find the restroom discover that it is a pay restroom scramble for a quarter turn the knob-nothing. We return to the counter tell the lady what happened she first starts talking to the other sales ladies in another language, they look through a drawer, tell us their must be someone in the restroom to go back and knock. We follow the directions as annoying as they are. An irritated man yells from behind a door marked employee's only go to the counter they have a key. My mom stays at the restroom just in case someone comes out where the already annoyed man continues to yell at her about not having the key. I go to the front wait a very long time while the sales lady avoids me. Finally, she says I don't have a key you have to go across the street! I was like, oh no! I said, "You have got to be kidding me. I asked where there was a restroom. You told me to use your restroom when you knew it did not work and you did not have a key!" She said, "You just have to go across the street." Very unsympathetically. I said, "And how will I pay to use the restroom across the street when you had me put my quarter in your broken restroom door? If your restroom was broken you should have told me to go across the street in the first place and not lied to me and said that someone must have been using it. Now you have waisted my time and my money." This sales started talking about how she'd just have to call the manager (I wanted to say, "Thanks, please do!") When another sales lady magically found a quarter to give to me. When we crossed the street to Michael Levine Fabric Paradise (We loved this store.) we found a line of people holding the door for each other so no one would have to pay-HA! I did find the cool skull fabric below for a pair of PJ bottoms.

3) The Skirt Steal. The Loft, a Michael Levine remnant shop, sold fabric by the pound and I found the most gorgeous fabric (purple above) for my mom to make a skirt out of. About 4 yards for $2! Wowie!

4) Waiting for dinner. We went to dinner at a beach. When we put our names in they took my cell number and told us that we could go look around for 30 minutes and they'd call us when our table was ready-how cool is that! We spent 30 minutes walking on the beach. It was the best wait ever!
5) Falling. We got to sit upstairs for dinner which was cool. The transition from being out side to being in a dark restaurant did not happen quickly for me. I totally did not see the second step and fell forward going up the stairs. Being used to falling in public I recovered quickly and my mom did not even notice this blunder. When it was time to go I was in the restroom noticed my mom coming down the stairs and just as we met at the bottom of the stairs she missed the same step that I tripped on and fell hard on the floor. I did the normal daughter response, "Mom are you okay? You've got to get up." (You know that's what you'd say if you just saw your mom fall down too) Now if you've ever fallen especially in public you know it takes a second to get up. The guy from the restaurant runs over-probably in his 20's and says, "Mam are you okay do you need me to call the ambulance?" My mom just gave him the look, got up said, I'm okay, and started walking out. Although it was not funny right in the moment it was hilarious by the time we returned to the car.

Stuff I bought: Shirts, fabric, 1 yard of lace with metal thing on it pictured above with fabric. Mom bought me the skull patch. Please bear with the bad hotel lighting in these photos. I had to take all the picture before I rearranged teh goodies to come home. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gwen Stefani Paper Dolls

Do you have some time to kill or are you looking for some great girls for collage? Check out this site. You can make great Gwen Stefani Paper Dolls for free! I found this site a while ago but just used it for a top secret project. Stay tuned for a few more weeks if your dieing to find out what it is!

Tomorrow Mom and I embark on our mother daughter CA art adventure. We have all sorts of craziness planned including meeting up with Kelly Kilmer! I'll be away from my computer until Wednesday morning but expect a great blog post then!

When Jim and I go out of town together we are willing to pay $10 a day for Internet access so he can monitor his fantasy teams. He considers this an investment. While I'm gone with out him I'd rather spend $10 on art supplies! Go figure.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Could I Forget?

I was so excited about the buttons that I forgot to mention how excited I was that Debbie had sprockets in stock and waiting for me when I arrived today! These sprockets are so fun to play with check out what I've made this afternoon. I love the grungy metal combinations.

I also made a set of people inchies. I decided to use the last set of people inchies I made for the red exchange instead.

Button PaLooZa

Oh my gosh! When I signed up for Button PaLooZa with Rosie a class description had not been posted online yet. Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found out that I got to make not only a baker's dozen of buttons but a carrying case as well! Oooh! It's these little details that make Rosie so fabulous!

We were able to bring our own artwork to put inside our buttons or use the loads of Rosie Original artwork to create our mini masterpieces. We added words and star glitter to help createthe magic.

I LOVE my buttons! (I even had to buy two additional buttons because I couldn't live without them!) I am having so much fun just starring at them, and taking them in and out of the box. If you missed this class not to worry. Rosie will be having more button classes with even more new artwork! If you are thinking that sounds fun but what will I do with so many buttons Rosie will show you how to make them into magnets or even adorable dangles for your projects. Trust me, you need to take this class at least one time! It was a blast!

See other class by Rosie at Frenzy here!