Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Is Coming!

Deb and I got together to play this Saturday to play while most everyone else we loved was involved in some sort of sports event. We made these fun little Halloween pocket books. Mine has the black pumpkin cover above and is the one pictured below. (The pictures I took of Deb's insides were to blurry to post :()

Speaking of Deb look how cool this pillow is again! It has a permanent home on my bed.

I love Halloween because there are always little surprises everywhere you go! Today Katie gave me this cool pillow case her mom made for me. How cute is that?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes On Body Adornement

The fingernail art supplies I got at the fair are fun to play with. A little challenging yes, but fun non the less. A little more practice will help too but, like rub-ons I kinda like when the image does not transfer evenly. It's like I have graffiti on my fingernails. I will need to order a bottle of red polish though. Black and white is just not enough :)

I finally tried making Scrabble tile pendants and was happy with the results.

I also made more junk jewelry for Sara and Cindy :)

I've even started playing with earrings.

I'm off to Frenzy to get more supplies today and pick up my Halloween Inchies! Yay!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things That Are Cool

1. Deb and the SKULL PILLOW that she bought for me! Check out this beaded skull pillow that deb bought for me because she was sure I needed it! I love Deb!

2. The State Fair art results! I entered 12 of my students pieces in the State Fair this year and 7 of them placed! Three first, two seconds, one fourth, an one honorable mention. My kids rock! It was a little funny these two women who were old enough to be my grandmother were walking around talking smack about the art work that was entered like why is this one here? Who helped this kid? Etc. When they cam up to one of my first place pieces and said now this kids got a good teacher. I couldn't help my self and said, "Thanks, I'm that kids teacher" I then had to do a little further explaining but it was worth it. :)

First place winners

Second place winners

Second and Fourth place winners-In that order :)

Honorable mention

3. My new State Fair nail art products! It's like stamping with nail polish! I'll give you the finished results soon! I did try it myself at the fair so hopefully it will go smoothly!

4. My metal ATCs. I cut aluminium that I got on a roll at home depot for the backs of the cards. Added a photo I took in Chicago of a metal cover and added a metal clip and embellishment.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adventuring With Jim

Jim had read about a ride my dad had taken on his blog, realizing we had never been to or couldn't remember going to many of these AZ locations, he suggested we go on the drive too. I was all over the adventure.

We started by driving toward Payson we stopped at the casino there just long enough to use the restroom, get Jim a $1 chip and drop $20 in the slot machines.

Next, we drove through Pine and Strawberry and stopped for breakfast in Long Valley at The Long Valley Cafe. (If you weren't really watching for Long Valley you'd be sure to miss it!) The restauraunt had large windows that allowed you to look out into forest and all of the charm of a small town diner. (Jim and I were the only people not wearing flannel or camoflauge in the little restauraunt an it's the only place we know of that can't start making lunch untill all of the breakfast orders have been made. :) It also had the largest pancakes we had ever see and the best biscuts I have ever tasted. Yes, even better than Mike and Rhonda's

After breakfast we headed toward Flagstaff on Lake Mary Road. Lake Mary was totally deserted. Jim tried to show me how to skip rocks but we were having a hard time finding flat rocks and just went to tossing them into the water.

Once we got to Flagstaff we drove around NAU and went to the bookstore wher I got a pair of NAU flip flops. I love the flip flops and can't believe how big NAU has gotten!

We took 89a towards Sedona stopping at Slide Rock so Jim could see it for the first time!

We drove through Sedona and headed to Jerome. Jerome is super cool and could use a whole day to explore all of the arty shops but we just stopped to grab something to eat at the Mile High Grill. All I have to say is cream cheese filled hamburger and tots. It was amazing and super cute too!

After dinner we headed home very happy that we had taking this little road trip.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad Mamma Jammas

Is it irony that the ATC's I sent to the swap that I could not attend yesterday said soar?

Yesterday I went to watch Ayesha, Sarah, and Leticia skydive! Yes, it's true these girls are bad mamma jammas! ( ;) Leticia)

We watched for the plane that was dropping the girls off from a trampoline that made it easier to see the action!

Ayesha first.

Sarah Second.

And finally Leticia!

It was a very cool experience and even though Deb and I did not jump we felt like we were part of the excitement! Stephen was there to cheer Sarah on too! Deb and I will refer to yesterday with fondness as the day we didn't jump from a plane!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Weeks Adventure!


We celebrated Amber"s unbirthday! Like the Madhatter's tea part, some people must clebrate their unbirthday. Last year we started picking random day to celebrate Amber's unbirthday since we always for get her real birthday. Our waiter at Tandori Times 2 even wore her hat and brought her a silly little dessert. (Deb and I got her a Twilight Team Jacob shirt even though we prefer Edward.)


Parent Teacher Conferences a.k.a. Kelly Kilmer Charity Night :) Kelly donated some "scraps" to my kids and we made the most awesome snippits books like Kelly! I had 88 students and thier families in my studio in only two hours it was amazing!


Early release day and Ayesha and I finally talked Deb into her first pedicure ever! This was a major acomplishment!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Very Cool Halloween Book

I love this Halloween book! It might be a little bit obnoxious to love your own art work but it's true. I told my friend Leticia that I'd make her a mini album for her birthday on any topic I just needed 8-10 pictures. When Leticia picked a book about pumpkin carving last year you can imagine my excitement! I started last night and just couldn't stop I was having too much fun!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Haloween Inchies & The Final Kelly Class

I was able to make my Halloween Inchies this weekend! (I was too excited to sleep:)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Swatches: Little Paper Books that I made with Kelly this weekend! You can't fully appreciate them unless you are holding them in your hands but I have to share these photos with you.