Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Of The Pink Girls

Don't miss what my mom is doing with stencils today!

The pink girls can be tricky to photograph but I think I worked it out. LOL. These pages definately need to be shown in double page layouts. That rarely happens with me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Pink Girls

Have you seen what my mom is doing with the stencils? If you said no click the link for coolness!

I finished this journal a couple of weeks ago but have been so focused on stencils I have not shown it to you yet. :) It is a tall journal with pages that are 7.5 x 12.5 but it is short in the fact that it only has 16 pages. I made this journal in a Kelly class a l-o-n-g time ago. So I was taking the class and going through Kelly's big bag of fabulous collage materials when I found this section of a magazine that had all of these tall models with pink hair. I was pouring over which girl to take when Kelly, who is kind, and generous, and an amazing teacher, noticed the predicament I was in and said, just take the girls I am sure you will use them. It took me a while to do this journal because I just kept looking at the girls and admiring their fatuousness when I finally decide to quit being ridiculous and do the journal. LOL. So here's the beginning....

I'd also like to point out that Kelly will be her in one month and a day (Yay!) teaching at Frenzy Stamper! You shouldn't miss it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One More

Okay one more stencil idea from me. My mom is taking over tomorrow with ideas for stencils on fabric!

Last year at Art Unraveled I took a class with Lisa Engelbrecht and she introduced me to the very cool No Blot Pencil. (Scroll down a bit on the link. Yes, this pencil is worth $5! I would order one before it is too late!) I started this page my doodling messy around the stencil. I know it is hard to see because it just looks like pencil at this point.

Next, I used a Ranger mini mister to spritz the pencil. This is so much fun to watch in real life!

Then, I colored randomly with my wax pastels inside the stenciled image.

As usual a little collage to seal the deal.

If you look closely you can se a sneek peek of what's coming up next from the stencil project. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

You Are So Not Ready For This!

Sometimes I even amaze myself. LOL! Trust me when I say this is SO easy even though it may sound scary. How about a little TAPE with your stencils? Yes, that's right TAPE!

First, lay your stencil down and basically tape it to the page! Rub the edges of the stencil really well so that you can see the edges easily.

Next, get out your X-acto knife and trace gently around the edges of the stencil the same way that you would trace the stencil with a pencil. Now you can easily remove the stencil. (Hint- Don't try to lay the knife on it's side and slide it around to cut. It is too easy to cut the stencil. I tried it just so you wouldn't have to try and damage your stencil!)

Then, I drew next to the tape with a Sharpie to get a crisp line.

Collage the page and you have another amazing stencil page!

The tape I used easily peeled off the stencil but I decided to leave it on. Not only do I like it but it makes the edge easier to see for other projects too!

Okay I know I said it was going to be stencil week but I may have a few more ideas to show. :) Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Forget The Stamps!

I am famous for forgetting to use my stamps while I am working in my art journal but they were calling last night! First I traced an Olivia stencil using a Sharpie.

Next, I used a roller stamp to stamp all around the edges.

I stamped a focal image and colored it in.

Finally, I collaged around the page.

This was a good lesson that all of my supplies can play nicely together and I like how the page turned out and also how it is a little different than my other journal pages.

Also, a big congratulations to Paula who was winner of a free set of Itty Bitties!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whoop, Whoop, Wednesday!

It's Wednesday and that calls for a little bonus!

First, if you make any purchase from my Etsy store today only and enter the word Wednesday in the message to seller I will include an extra free set of Itty Bitties. This means if you spend $20 you will get two free sets! It also means if you order a $10 set you will also get a free set of Itty Bitties!

Second, if you have already ordered stencils from my Etsy store this week leave a comment saying hi on this blog post. For every five comments left I will randomly select one person to win a free set of Itty Bitties! I will even mail them out to you in Thursday's mail!

What are you waiting for??? Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Writing Adds Texture

I started my stencil page out today the same way I did yesterday's page with my wax pastels. (See what happens when you bring out a new toy- you want to use it.) I colored against the edge of the largest Abigail stencil with both pink and purple before blending them with a paper towel. I also ended up using yellow around the edges of the page just because I couldn't stop playing.

Next, I used a lime green sharpie, just because it was out, to trace the edge of largest Abigail stencil along the edge of the wax pastel. Then, I traced two smaller Abigail stencils also with the lime green sharpie. My goal in creating these line was to create an area to house writing not because this writing would be particularly important, although it could be, but just to add texture to my page.

Then, I used a blue sharpie Poster Paint Pen and began writing a quote I like.

When I ran out of room to finish the quote I just grabbed a Brown Gelly Roll Glaze Pen and kept going on top of the blue sharpie. I just think the layered writing looks pretty in its stencil house. :)

As usual, I ended by collaging and, because I am addicted to them, I added on a decorated Itty Bitty too!

P.S. You can get free Itty Bitties when you spend $20 in my Etsy store!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Three In One

My stencil idea for today is a three in one. #1 Fall in love with supplies you don't use as often all over again. #2 Stencils can also be masks. #3 Don't make it harder than it has to be.

#1 Chances are good if you are like me you have supplies that you love hiding in your studio. Chances are also good that these supplies would love to play with your stencils! For my little demo today I pulled out my Neoart water-soluble wax pastels. I LOVE these why do I always forget to take them out to play?

#2 Besides just tracing around the outside of your stencil you can actually use them to mask off, or protect, the paper that is hiding underneath. Today I started by pushing my wax pastel firmly against the edge of my stencil. Not only did this leave a path of color it also jammed a tiny bit of the pastel along the edge of the stencil. I decided to use two color against my stencil because I wanted the colors to blend together a little bit. Next, I rubbed over the wax pastel with a paper towel with the stencil still in place so that it would continue to mask the paper underneath and also so that it would also continue to hold onto the tiny waxy edge.

#3 Sometimes I get into a pattern of over thinking my piece. I forget that I don't always need 16 pieces of paper and 12 embellishments. :) Sometimes one strong focal image, a wax pastel outline, and a few stickers is all I really need.

Don't forget to check out the stencils in my Etsy shop after all it is stencil week. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's All About The Line!

Okay, so using paint with stencils might not be a crazy idea but here are a few fun ideas to try. First, instead of just using one color...

what would happen if you tried two? I used two different sized stencils here. (See why you need a whole pack. :) I was working on top of vintage book pages but you could even choose to work on solid white.

Even if your colors seem super bright or just somehow off to you don't surrender. This is just the beginning! The thing that makes all the difference in the world to me is just a simple line. Once my paint has dried I lay the stencils back down one at a time and trace around the edges with a Sharpie Poster Paint Pen but any marker or pen would work. I LOVE the lines!

Once you add on a few Itty Bitties that you have traced or decorated, a focal image, and a little masking tape you have a masterpiece on your hands!

If you look closely you will notice that I even traced the paper Itty Bitties using a brown Gelly Roll Glaze pen. Once again, it's the line that makes all the difference!

Don't forget, If you pick two $10 stencil sets from my etsy shop you will get a free set of Itty Bitties.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Falling For Ittiy Bitty Stencils

I am totally in love with Itty Bitties and my love is only getting deeper! I thought today I would show you why I love them so because it is possible you will love them too. :)

First, it great fun to trace the Itty Bitties and create itty bitties out of both solid and patterned cardstock. (Besides just being pretty here you can see how I created layers with them in the pages below.)

Next, I love edging the Itty Bitties using a Sharpie with a broad tip. This makes them have a bold edge that I love on my journal pages! Some times it is even fun to use a stencil to draw a second smaller shape inside the outline. Playing and experimenting is fun. You can add lines to your borders of just leave them as they are. The Sky is the limit!

My very favorite thing to do with Itty Bitties though is to stamp on them! You can create interesting designs and patterns stamping with StazOn permanent inks. Remember to stamp lightly so your stamp won't want to slide. (If you have a baby wipe handy and you stamp slides you may have time to wipe the permanent ink off. I know from experience. :) Also, remember to let the ink dry for a few minutes before touching the image.

Attaching the Itty Bitties is easy too! Staples and clips look cool and produce a more 3-D look. You can also lay them down flat by brushing the back with gel medium and pressing them down firmly in your journal. The pressing is to get the air bubble out of the glue not because it is a difficult process.

Here are two pages where I both traced and glued down decorated Itty Bitty Stencils.

I should also mention that you can write on the Itty Bitties using permanent markers or Gelly Roll Glaze or Souffle pens!

You can get a variety pack of 10 Itty Bitties for only $3 in my Etsy shop. Am I tempting you?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing Stencils!

So what's all the excitement you say? My mom and I have been busy playing this week and the result is yummy stencil sets in six different styles! These stencils are so fun and so addictive! Each stencil set comes in eight different sizes from approximately 2 inches up to 9 inches. Please meet






and abigail

These great stencil sets are available now on my Etsy shop here. And will also be available for purchase in August at Art Unraveled from my mom if supplies last! At only $10 a set they are sure to go fast! And as an added bonus for a limited time (And only through my etsy shop!) I will send you a free set of Itty Bitty stencils for every $20 you spend! Itty Bitties are fun to decorate and add to your journal pages!

In celebration of the new stencils I plan to have loads of stencil ideas on my blog but for now check out these unjournaled pages. Keep an eye out for the Itty Bitties!

You know you NEED them!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey, Hey!

So, I didn't forget about you over my break. I've been busy working on a little something. Well, that and a little food poisoning from Monday that wiped me out on Tuesday. :) I thought I should show you some goodies from shopping adventures this week.

On Monday Ayesha, Jessica, Barb and I went adventuring to Mesa to visit Scrapbooks Etc. and Mystic Paper. I was so good! I spent less that $40 on my habit for the whole day although I did buy some paper not pictured here for my nieces first birthday photo shoot too. :)

Today I went to the two smaller scrapbook stores near my house I was not impressed really. Aside from the amazing ribbon bag that I actually went to go buy I spent less than $15. If you know me you are amazed right now. :)

Prepare yourself for the amazing ribbon bag..... Not so exciting in the store....

So cool you can hardly stand it holing ribbon! I met one of Jim's friends last Friday and saw her ribbon bag and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to get one for my scrap ribbon too! It is love!

Come back tomorrow for an exciting crafty announcement! I am excited!