Thursday, December 31, 2009

Randomness From Yesterday

My mom taught me to crochet yesterday. I am determined to make a pair of arm warmers cool or not. :) I'd like to have them done while the weather is cool but I have learned that if you can't exactly feel your fingertips at all time crochet can be a little tricky. I am also determined to get a lot done in my journal today. As per usual I am running a little behind on my A Prompt A Day prompts and don't want to be behind in a different year.

Cricut cuteness! The tree in the pocket was made with the Cricut!

Look at this cute little bird that is sticking off the page. Also from the Cricut! I even cut one out of chipboard so he is very dimensional in my journal!

We also took a little trip to Scrapbooks Etc. My mom wanted to check out their newish fabric section. I found some great Valentine's paper and the chipboard embellishments that I wanted for my nieces Christmas album were back in stock, but mostly bought journaling tags- oh shocker!

(Kelly, the thing you needed is not in this photo. :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Journal

I haven't posted pictures from my journal in forever for some unknown reason. Let me catch you up to speed. :)

I am working in a transformed ledger so many of my pages are very large. It has been a little bit awkward writing in this journal at times and is sometimes tricky to photograph as well but I still love it!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vote Please!

Please help solve a little Frizzell family debate! Arm warmers cool or not? Please leave your vote in the comment section. Thanks! I need a little help from my creative friends on this one!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Okay, so here is the red polka dot wrapping paper.

My big fabric trip last week was to 35th Ave. Sew and Vac. I was actually able to find some of the fabric that I had been eyeing on ebay so if you don't live in AZ there is hope. :)

Left: Hanging Cages Laura Gunn for Michael Miller
Right: Pod Vine Michael Miller

Left: Mod Girls "Patsy" by Jennifer Paganelli-Sis Boom for Free Spirit (In Green on Ebay)
Right: Girlfriends "Molly" by Jennifer Paganelli- Sis Boom for Free Spirit (Not on ebay but type in Sis Boom Fabric their is some great stuff.)

Left: Red Letter Day by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics
Right: Red Letter Day by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics (Not sure why they are called the same thing but type in red letter day fabric as a search while you are on ebay. :)

Nest by Lula Pink for Moda

Kona Fabrics

Speaking of the quilt I should be working on it but want to go out shopping for just a bit. Like I really need anything. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree

If you find your self thinking this post is a little late follow to the bottom and you will see the relevance. :)

You might know this about me already but I'm a little kooky about my Christmas tree. :) The first year that I had my own house I just HAD TO HAVE a Christmas tree that was all white lights and silver ornaments. Once I got the breathtaking tree up all of the presents underneath the tree had to be wrapped in silver because by then it was really just one big art project.

Now a couple years later (after much teasing from my friends) I decided that I would try to add light blue ornaments to the tree and naturally the wrapping paper followed. While I also enjoyed the light blue and silver tree I went back to all silver a couple of years later. About two years ago I walked into Walmart, of all places, and discovered the magnificence that was black Christmas ornaments and became obsessed with finding them. :) It is a little harder than you might imagine. You can find one here or their but never lots of them together. (I think that is part of the draw actually.)

This year I started thinking that my obsession with matching the wrapping paper to the tree might be a little silly but once all the gifts were wrapped I remembered why I love to match everything.

Anyway, I went out to buy my wrapping paper for next year yesterday (I never pay full price for wrapping paper. I think it's silly when I could just plan ahead.) and found myself IN LOVE with this red paper with white polka dots! I tried to ignore it but it kept calling to me until I had to buy it! Now if you know me don't faint because I actually found some great red ball ornaments at 50% off and my vision for next year is the red polka dot tree! Mostly silver and black but a few shiny red dots! I am so excited and the excitement of next years tree will actually make taking this years tree down today seem less painful somehow.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hey, Hello!

I've been having tons of fun on my winter break from school and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas too! I started celebrating on Monday with pink donuts and The Beauty and The Beast A Christmas Story.

Christmas with the girls on Tuesday.

I've also had the chance to meet up with old friends from high school and college and was invited to tea with a princess too!

I have been having a ball playing with my Christmas toys for the last day and a half as well!

If you don't know already I love the Cricut! ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm aiming to make this fabric famous! LOL!

Mom and I went fabric shopping yesterday. I have this quilt in my head that is nagging me to bring it to life. My mom told the lady at the cutting counter that I was making a quilt for the first time. She offered kit. I said, oh no I don't need a pattern I have it in my head. She looked confused. Ha! I love it!

Off to take donuts and Beauty and The Beast The Enchanted Christmas to Kakes and Baby Q. I love break!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hope You're Ready...

for the cuteness that is my nieces! I made this great little book last week at what turned out to be a little art party.

It helped that my sister had amazing photos taken. That is always inspiring!

Jessica, Angelique, and I made these cute books using 8 x 10 canvases for the front and back cover and cut down 12 x 12 cardstock for the pages. To finish it off I used decorative scrapbook papers and cute black scallops from my Cricut! I can't wait to see Buffy on Monday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is seriously the top of my art desk right this minute. My computer desk looks the same way. It is so exciting! They have both been hiding from me for weeks!

I also did a little reorganizing of supplies (so that I could actually clean off the top of my desk) and now my suply closet looks like this.

Only the center three boxes and plastic storage envelopes are new but I am posting a picture by request. :) Hooray! Now I am ready to mess it all up and work in my journal and it is only day one of Winter Break!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look Who...

Look who I ran into at Weight Watchers today! I was so glad I was not wearing my "I ate the milk and cookies" shirt! HA!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mini Sharpie Holder For Cricut!

So while I was goofing around on the Internet I found a lady, Amy Chomas, who designed (or had her husband design anyway) a pen holder to fit into the Cricut! She sells pen holder for mini Sharpies, micro mini Sharpies, and mini gel pens. It was hard to decide which one to try first but I thought the mini Sharpie would give me a better graffiti look. I am so happy with this pen holder! It came to me super fast and is fun to use! (It is the silver thing in the photo.)

When it arrived I went out looking for mini Sharpies and ran into the best deal on the planet! Office Max had a deal this week where you could buy $5 worth of Sharpie products and get every single color of mini Sharpie available for free! That's $16 worth of mini Sharpies!

What will I do with this great find? Check out these fun experiments!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I didn't mean to go missing on you. I have been "playing" with a sore throat and related inconveniences since the day after Thanksgiving which has made me less productive. I actually had to take two days of of school because I had zero voice and Jim said I was just being ridiculous to go in. :)

My Cricut machine arrived saftely to my house last week and to say it is love might be an understatement! You might be thinking that the Cricut is a little bit scrapbooky for my usual art but 1) oh the classroom decoration that can be done and 2) just wait 'til you see the ideas I have! Plus I love to make albums for Buffy's family.

I took a great class at Scrapbooks Etc. last weekend with Sandee called Cricut 101 that taught how to use all of the cool features on the machine. At $12 with my montly discount it was a steal and great motivation too!

Here are a few things I made this week for my clasroom. First for my calendar the December label. (The flags have been in my room for a few years just giving them a new twist. :)

Cute window decorations.

And best of all I cut these cute 3-D tree patterns to use with my kids next week for those of them that are done with their before break work! I can't tell you how happy I was no to have to ust thenm all out myself!

More Cricut coolness on it's way!

Friday, December 4, 2009


This is the funniest shirt I have seen in a while! I'm seriously considering buying the apron! it would be great to wear while taking Classes with Kelly! Ha!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome December!

With the tree all decorated in black and white it was the perfect time for an art party!

With an extra day off school Ayesha and I decided to put up the tree on Wednesday. I will admit it was a little weird to have the tree up, be celebrating Thanksgiving, and finishing a Halloween journal all at the same time but now it all seems just fine!

I love these new ornaments that I found 70% off on Black Friday! I'm not sure how they got the snowflake to hang in the center but I love them!

Jessica, Barb, Kara, Deb, and Ayesha joined me to make Star Books on Sunday. It was so much fun and we loved the way our books all turned out! I love working with other crafty people. Everyone can work at their own pace and know exactly what to do!